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Sean Frangella

Sean Frangella is a Chicago-based freelance artist specializing in motion graphics, 3D animation and visual effects. With more than 12 years of experience design and animation, Sean has worked with clients that run the spectrum from TV to mobile technology to sports & entertainment.

Sean currently focuses his efforts on producing Cinema 4D and After Effects content, along with freelance projects that utilize his background in animation, art and graphic design. Sean's unique creative background and sense of humor play a big role in his entertaining, informative tutorials for Cinema 4D, After Effects and other design tools.

Check out his YouTube channel, Vimeo channel and Behance profile

August 21, 2014 Author:

In this exclusive Cinema 4D video tutorial you’ll learn how to model a realistic 3D street lamp from scratch. Read More

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Street Lamp

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    Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Model Guitar


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