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July 25, 2014
Premiumbeat ComposersRoyalty Free Music

Best New Royalty Free Music: Folk, Rock & Electro Tracks

We’ve been busy adding to our team of world-class composers! Check out some of the best new tracks to hit our royalty free music library.

Premiumbeat Royalty Free Music

We’re always expanding our composer lineup, bringing you the best royalty free music you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve recently gone through the newest additions to the PremiumBeat royalty free music library and pulled out some of our favorites. Take a listen below.

Need a trendy, electro-pop track to inject your project with energy? The new Liam Aidan and Reaktor Productions tracks really bring it. Maybe your project requires something more peaceful and laid back? Max Brodie’s Touches is a new favorite – warm folk rock with a nostalgic, Americana vibe.

You’ve asked for music with lyrics and we’ve delivered. Check out some of our newest composers and their tracks with vocal versions (starred below). Be on the lookout for more royalty free music with lyrics in the future.

If there is a particular style or mood track you’re looking for get in touch! We’re happy to help you locate it in our library…or we’ll add it to our ‘wish list’ for future library additions.

Thanks for listening!

Did you know? All PremiumBeat tracks are copyright clear.
No flagging on YouTube or Vimeo!


By Max Brodie  BPM 141:  A heartfelt royalty free track featuring acoustic guitar. The choice of instruments/timbres gives a warm, nostalgic and organic feeling. Main hook begins at 0:40. Grows throughout and ends with spacey atmospheric ambience.

Bring It

By Liam Aidan   BPM 110: Electro-house meets dubstep in a hard hitting and action packed track. Futuristic robotic synths and catchy melodies come together to create an adrenaline fuelled soundtrack.


By Reaktor Productions   BPM 128:  Upbeat and bright, featuring an energetic dance groove, swelling synth textures and a positive melody that creates a celebratory mood.


By: Allegory Music   BPM 110:  An uplifting post-rock royalty free track with a lush arsenal of powerful ambient vocals, guitars, piano, synths, percussions and strings that will take you to a place of discovery, success and great accomplishments.

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By: Jam Studio  BPM 80:  A melodic, nostalgic acoustic song with lead female vocals and uplifting lyrics. Instrumental version available upon request.

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By: Colin Fraser  BPM 133:  A slow, acoustic start explodes into a huge, guitar-driven anthemic song featuring lead male vocals. Huge drums and vocal harmonies take the song to the climax. Royalty free music ideal for a variety of projects.

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Delicately Pretty

By: Peter McIsaac Music   BPM 158:  A soft, cute and endearing piece. Full of tenderness and love. Piano, guitar and glockenspiel mix for this tug at the heart song. Positive, simple and beautiful.

Serious Business

By: Studio Le Bus  BPM 125:  A corporate song with reverse effects, electric distorted guitars, low bass, piano melody, ambient synth and motivational grooves. Perfect for documentary, business or public service announcements.

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It’s Now Or Never*

By: Score Squad  BPM 140:  An epic dubstep track about freedom featuring sample-like male vocals. Powerful beats and dramatic synths create an energetic and motivational feeling. Suitable for extreme sports, lifestyle or caradvertising. Instrumental version available upon request.

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By: Vincent Tone BPM 128:  This is an anthem for the dreamers, the ones with hopes and ambitions! This uplifting royalty free track immediately grabs your attention as it begins. A catchy melody over layered guitars, chords and energetic drum loops.

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All I Need

By: Gyom  BPM 108:  A mid-tempo, positive indie-folk track filled with wonders and excitement! Opens with an acoustic guitar strumming, then the whole band joins in to a stomping beat. Acoustic guitars, ukuleles, mandolin, piano and a ton of percussion.

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By: Tristan Norton & Martin Kottmeier  BPM 100:  A breathtakingly, royalty free chillwave track. Airy and sparkly backdrops fluidly meld with the sound of a whomping, four-on-the-floor beat. Dreamy, glittery pianos and an ambient vocal loop send goosebumps tingling down your spine.

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