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May 10, 2013
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Haul Your Gear: Review of 3 Camera Sling Bags

If you’re looking for the right bag to tote your camera equipment, check out this review of three popular sling bags for DSLR cameras.

Camera Equipment

Caleb Pike, camera operator and editor of, recently put out an in-depth look at 3 popular bags for your DSLR camera.

Each of these bags is geared for the DSLR photo/video shooter ‘on the move’ – just big enough to hold your cam body, a few lenses and a few accessories. Caleb addresses comfortability, ease of use, size and other considerations for pro shooters. The camera bag models that are reviewed are:

  • BBP DSLR Slinger Review
  • Lowepro Passport Sling Review
  • Vanguard Adaptor 41 Daypack Review
If you’re interested in DSLR shooting and camera gear be sure to check out Caleb’s site,

It just might be time to upgrade my old camera sack that’s burst at the zipper! Thanks for sharing this review, Caleb!

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