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Video Editing

October 21, 2014 Author:

Get your creative juices flowing with these 10 inspirational demo reel channels and groups. Read More

10 Demo Reel Inspiration Channels on Vimeo

  • October 15, 2014

    FCPX Video Tutorial: Importing Options


    Learn how to import footage in this exclusive FCPX video tutorial. Read More

  • October 14, 2014

    Christopher Nolan Filmmaking Masterclass


    Learn more about the art and craft of filmmaking from Interstellar director, Christopher Nolan. Read More

  • October 14, 2014

    How to Find Your Story When Cutting a Documentary


    Editing a feature length documentary film can be an extremely daunting task because of the massive amount of footage and the endless creative options. In this post, we share 3 tips for approaching a documentary edit. Read More