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Video Production

September 4, 2014 Author:

Succeeding in film school isn’t just about getting good grades. In the following tutorial we share 10 tips for maximizing your college experience. Read More

10 Tips for Succeeding in Film School

  • August 27, 2014

    4 Tools for Keeping Camera Gear Safe from the Elements


    You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep you equipment safe from water and dirt. Read More

  • August 27, 2014

    State of the Industry: Camera Operators & Cinematographers


    How much do camera operators make? We’ve created an infographic of recent statistics showing the locations where camera operators and cinematographers earn the most. Read More

  • August 26, 2014

    Simple Photo/Video Light Setups for Cinematic Looks


    Most DPs are trained early on in their careers to learn the basics of a three point lighting setup. However, in this post I’ll make a case for why reducing your lighting setup can actually be more conducive to a cinematic look. Read More