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August 15, 2012
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New Music Collection: Chill Out Essentials Volume 1

Chill Out Essentials - Royalty Free Music



BY: STYVE BOLDUC  BPM 138:  A highly energetic drum loop with an urban chic piano melody and acoustic guitar strumming. Very airy synths and smooth bass lines create a cool, cosmopolitain feel. Perfect for advertisement and corporate events.

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Science In Action

BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 92:  An enchanting, atmospheric piece, bringing together synthesizers, strings and subtle percussion.  Chilled out, lounge vibe with a mysterious edge.

Together We Can

BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 95:  A positive, touching piece with guitars, piano and a flowing rhythm. Gives the sense of a job well done and hope for the future. Warm and inspiring.

Tokyo Subway

BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  BPM 150:  Jazzy drum & bass track with an urban feel. Light, fast, modern. Imagine yourself in the middle of a sprawling, exotic and mysterious metropolis. Great for a late night city feel. Piano, drum, bass and synth.


BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 101:  An exotic and uplifting piece with a variety of sections, accentuated by light strings, keyboards and guitar. Adds a feel of luxury and class to a scene. Soft and calm with a chilled out groove.


BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 98:  A mid-paced composition with a sharp edge and a subtle tension underneath. Quiet, nostalgic, pensive.  Versatile royalty free track!


BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  BPM 120:  An inspirational track full of intricate parts and evolving beats. A positive and upbeat start to the song, with a more serious and emotional ending. Piano, synth and loops. Reminiscent of Coldplay and Owl City.


BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  BPM 80:  A serene, gentle song that conveys a feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Pads, piano, rhodes and bass. Chilled out mood feels inspiring, subtle and graceful.

Dancing Leaves

BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 90:  A bright and uplifting piece, with a touch of nostalgic emotion. Features live guitar, piano clips and a cool chillout beat. Works great as an inspiring background track.

Desert Caravan

BY: NOTES PRODUCTIONS  BPM 92:  Middle East song with tabla, sitar, fretless guitar, flute and many other sounds giving a modern color to this arabic piece. Starts with a mysterious atmosphere followed by a grooving part.  Smooth and exotic.

Get Your Fix

BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 125:  Deep and funky house track. Rhodes, live bass and guitar licks combine with pulsing beats. Plenty of fills and some extended filter play towards the end round it all off.  A cool lounge track.

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BY: OLIVE MUSIQUE  BPM 120:  Romantic and chic modern track with accordion, delayed voices and electronic drums. A taste of Paris with a modern beat. Stylish and sweet.

Liquid Groove

BY: OLIVE MUSIQUE  BPM 80:  Groovy acoustic guitars with an electronic chillout beat. Sensual and playful.  Versatile track with a feel good vibe!

Spring In Our Step

BY: BEN BEINY  BPM 93:  A beautiful, uplifting piece featuring guitar, violins and a relaxing groove. The track starts softly with a gentle, building movement, followed up by guitar over a cool beat, before returning to a delicate, positive ending.

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New Pop

BY: ALEX BEAULIEU  BPM 90:  A mixture of organ, electric guitar, and a sampled beat. Cool and calm, this royalty free track provides a nice chilled out ambiance.

A Perfect Day

BY: CHRIS HAIGH  BPM 94:  Soulful and tranquil track with beautiful piano melody and lush string chords backed by Hip Hop and Electronica style drums. Inspirational, uplifting, mellow, relaxing, upbeat, positive.  Similar to Moby.

I Dream Of Laura

BY: OLIVE MUSIQUE  BPM 87:  Dreamy, gentle and soothing feeling. Warm and reflective.  Chill out lounge track with good vibes!

Monte Carlo

BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  BPM 112:  Chic beat and sexy groove. A classy lounge tune with keys, breakbeats and strings. Sunset parties, mysterious encounters and exciting lifestyle.

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Martini Time

BY: NOTES PRODUCTIONS  BPM 90:  Smooth lounge modern groove. Drum and bass with a trumpet melody. Very gentle, delicate, mellow.  A cool and upbeat royalty free track.

Beach Rabbit

BY: SENBEI  BPM 89:  Original hip hop Bossa Nova groove. Quiet, pleasant, with guitar and trombone.  Positive and upbeat lounge track.


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