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November 16, 2011
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Christmas Royalty Free Music: Deck The Halls—19 versions Available

Some of our most beloved Christmas songs have been around for hundreds of years, and “Deck the Halls” is one such holiday classic.

Unlike most music in our culture today, some of our most beloved Christmas songs have been around for hundreds of years, predating even many classical composers. “Deck the Halls” is one such holiday classic. The oldest published version of the tune dates from the mid 1700s, though experts agree it’s probably much older than that, likely having been written in the 1500s! In those days, tunes were passed along from musician to musician, and not often set to paper until many years after their writing. Words to carols were often written separate from the music, decades before or after, and put together by working musicians of the day. If a carol gained enough popularity to be passed along frequently, it survived and became part of the canon of western Christmas carols. Because of this, it’s often impossible to attribute authorship to these wonderful tunes.

Though the tune of “Deck the Halls” is a classic Welsh folk song, the lyrics likely grew from an old tradition of folk dances where singers would improvise verses against each other over the tune of a classic folk song. The version we know today was published in 1881, and has been a yuletide classic ever since. If you need some Xmas royalty free music for an upcoming project, you’re sure to find a great version of “Deck the Halls” here at Premium Beat. We have 15 to choose from!

Here are our 19 Royalty Free versions of Deck the Halls:

Deck The Hall

By: Martin Riopel

BPM 220: Acoustic guitar and ukulele version of the classic Deck the Hall. Ukulele, bells, bass, percussions, acoustic guitar

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Deck The Hall (Indie Rock)

By: Tapuz Music

BPM 140: Rocking Bells for Christmas. Upbeat Indie Rock version of Deck The Hall. Lots of guitars, high energy Holiday track.

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Deck The Hall (Guitar)

By: Alex Beaulieu

BPM 126: A great classical guitar trio. Soft interpretation of this traditional Christmas Carol

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Deck The Halls (Rock)

By: Peter McIsaac Music

BPM 140: Exciting and bold. This upbeat version of Deck The Halls will rock your Holiday season.

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Deck The Halls (Acoustic Pop)

By: Blindfold Sound

Upbeat guitar based acoustic pop version of this favorite Christmas song and Holiday Classic, “Deck The Halls.” This version has a lush foundation of acoustic guitars, percussion, and drums with melodies on guitar and bells.

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Deck The Hall (World)


BPM 100: Fun lively ethnic interpretation. Lots of different instruments from different cultures meet in this Christmas song. Trumpets, darbukas, trombones, shakers, middle eastern guitars… A multicultural party!

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Deck The Hall (Electro)

By: Nicolas Major

BPM 75: Soft Electro Version of a traditional Christmas Carol (Deck the Hall). Melody played with different plucked sounds over a redundant bass groove and a cool/ gentle (semi-electro) drum beat.

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Deck The Hall (Modern)

By: Nationalfred

BPM 120: Dynamic version of this famous Christmas carol. With strings, bells and drums. Playful and bright.

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Deck The Hall (Jazzy)

By: Alex Beaulieu

BPM 150: A swing version of this traditional Christmas Carol. Trendy, sophisticated and classy. The quartet features piano, drums, bass and a nice guitar solo. Joyful and sparkling.

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Deck The Halls (Country Folk)

By: North Pole Studio

BPM 150: Fa la la la… Very well known New Year’s Carol. This folksy version is engaging, sparkling and uplifting.

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Deck The Halls (Harp Solo)

By: Barbara Eagle

BPM 120: Delicate and soft interpretation of this well known Christmas Carol. Warm, reflective and charming.

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Deck The Hall (Surf Guitar)

By: La Cigale

BPM 160: Dick Dale’s Misirlou (Pulp Fiction) guitar style for Christmas. Drum, bass, guitar and tubular bell. Fun, quirky, playful.

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Deck The Halls (Easy Listening)

By: Josquin des Pres

BPM 90: A Christmas classic with a current, stylish and uplifting feel. Easy listening, background music.

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Deck The Hall ( Jazz/Classic)

By: Nicolas Major

BPM 200: Jazzy Version of this nice Christmas Carol. (Orchestral/BigBand orchestration) Full band version with strings, glockenspiel, harp, classical guitar, Bass, trombone & French Horn, flutes and sleigh Bells. Magical, lively, elegant and festive.

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Deck The House

By: Olive Musique

BPM 130: Traditional Christmas Carol (Deck the Hall) arranged with a house beat. Trendy, happy and actual.

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Deck The Halls (Funk/Hip-Hop)

By: The Hands Of Stone

BPM 99: A modern take on a Holiday Classic. Driven by pianos, flutes and a harpsichord.

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Deck The Halls (Quirky/Country)

By: Haim Mazar

BPM 100: Fun and upbeat instrumental version of this Christmas classic.

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Deck The Halls (Cocktail Lounge)

By: Olive Musique

BPM 120: Cocktail lounge version of this Christmas classic. Very warm and soothing jazzy mood. Perfect for piano bar ambiance, cocktail lounge, lobby bar music.

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Deck The Halls (Soft Hip Hop)

By: Charlie Mac

BPM 110: A gentle Hip Hop version of the traditional Yuletide and New Years’ carol.

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