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December 3, 2012
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Composer Spotlight: British Rocker Max Brodie

Contemporary, youthful and full of life!  Max Brodie’s dynamic royalty free rock and pop tracks create energy and drive audience engagement.

Max Brodie

UK based Max Brodie is a fresh, young composer that has crafted dynamic tracks for some of the biggest brands in the world.  With his finger on the pulse of contemporary music, Max has a knack for creating high quality royalty free tracks on the forefront of musical taste and style.

He has crafted numerous best-selling tracks for, representing a variety of popular rock, pop and folk sounds.  Unlike some composers, Max prefers to work with live instruments instead of sampled tracks.  The results are more dynamic and organic tracks that stand out. In this post, we’ll highlight a variety of Max’s best royalty free tracks (below).

He recently went into the studio to record a royalty free modern rock song, “Go Out With a Bang”.  Check out a preview of that recording session:

BPM 214:  Contemporary ballsy royalty free rock track. All the instruments are live, no sample instruments to be found here!  Distorted guitars and pounding drums.  Perfect for project looking to make a statement.
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Make It On My Own (Vocal Version)

BPM 178:  Sweet, quirky song about getting over a relationship and finding new love. Featuring female vocals and quirky rhythms. Very organic sounding. None vocal version available too.

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Sex, Drugs And Whiskey

BPM 104:  A fist pumping Rock track featuring catchy guitar riffs, grooving percussion and vocal shouts! A great accompaniment for anything to do with high speed driving, biking, or anything else that is stereotypically male related.

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BPM 121:  Quirky track in the style of the new wave of Parisian/European-Indie Pop. Punchy, tight and dry sounds. Disco beats, blended with mute guitar riffs and funky bass lines. Perfect for Fashion, Youth and City Life related media.

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BPM 151:  Contemporary Indie Pop/Rock track, featuring catchy guitar melodies and synth bass lines. The track gives of a definite feeling of ‘wanting’ or ‘standing your ground’. Some ambient sections.

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Release The Dogs

BPM 115:  A high-energy Rock track featuring lots of catchy guitar riffs and pounding drums. Ideal for high octane sports and action.

BPM 124:  A feel good Nu-Folk track featuring Banjo, Ukulele, Glockenspiel and just about everything else quirky and acoustic. A definite feeling of progression throughout, ending with an uplifting section featuring lots of percussion (Including leg slaps!)

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BPM 157:  A modern feel good Indie-Pop track, featuring hand claps, catchy rhythms and a full band. Perfect for youthful, cool and happy material.

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BPM 109:  Folk inspired piece featuring Acoustic Guitars, Brush Drums and Piano. Feelings of love, longing and a need for someone to always be there for you. In a similar style to the new wave of commercial folk music.

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BPM 120:  Acoustic track featuring simple melodies and musical patterns which bring out feelings of reminiscence and hope. The track uses vocalising to create a tone that soothes and welcomes the listener.

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