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August 3, 2012
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Music Showcase: Royalty Free Music for Corporate Videos

Optimism, confidence and creativity!  Inject energy into your corporate video projects with these motivational royalty free tracks.

Corporate Royalty Free Music

We’ve rounded up the best upbeat, inspirational royalty free music for your corporate video projects.  From upbeat rock numbers to cool electronic driven beats, the following 10 tracks are ideal for making your corporate videos engaging and dynamic.

These corporate royalty free tracks are perfect for instructional videos, product demonstrations, advertising or corporate promos.  Have a listen!

Cool, upbeat rock anthem that feels confident and dynamic.  Great for a corporate advertisement or product demo video.  Feels like a breakthrough or grand achievement.

R 2 U 2 by Tapuz MusicContemporary rock track with big electric guitar and inspired drumming.  Uplifting and fresh!  Highly versatile and youthful, giving off loads of positive energy.

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Lively and upbeat track with strings, ukelele and acoustic guitar.  Warm and sophisticated.  Great for creating an emotional connection to your corporate project.

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Fresh and flowing – perfect for presentations or corporate demo videos.  Modern pop rock with a technological edge.  Feels professional and fun.

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Orchestral rock with an inspiring melody!  Elevating strings and driving guitars soar above motivating percussion.  Feels fresh and exhilarating - ideal for corporate presentations or advertisements.

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Modern rock track that builds with layered guitars, driving drums and a modern synth line.  Inspirational and positive.  Great for a show open or product demo video.

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Motivating and uplifting rock track with guitar and piano.  Feels warm and positive – perfect to convey feelings of hope and progress.  Hints of electronics feel fresh and modern.

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Make a connection with your corporate audience with this inspiring and melodic pop rock track.  Rhythmic guitar and steady drums feel progressive and positive.

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Mid-tempo rocker with delayed guitars.  Thoughtful and positive, building to a strong, positive finish.  The track’s reflective feeling is perfect as an underscore to corporate interviews.

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Strings and positive guitar build for feelings of success! Excellent track for highlighting your achievements.  This modern rock track is optimistic and bold!

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  • annateafanculo

    Since when “Royalty Free Music” means that you have to buy it to use it??

    • Danny Greer

      Thanks for asking. In fact, ‘royalty free music’ typically does not denote “free” music. Rather, with royalty free music you pay once and are not subjected to future royalty payments. More info on “Royalty Free Music” here:

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