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October 16, 2012
Video Production

Cool DIY Project: Tripod Umbrella Holder

Check out this cool DIY umbrella holder for videographers and photographers.  Keep your hands free…and your body and equipment dry!

For professional video and photo shooters this DIY umbrella holder project from can mean the difference of ‘getting the shot’ or simply getting rained out.  You may be using a rain bag for your camera but this doesn’t prevent you getting absolutely soaked.  This useful photo-video tip will keep both you and your camera gear dry when you’re forced to shoot in wet conditions – also helpful on super hot or sunny days.  Plus, you’ll have your hands-free to work with your camera.

This one will definetly have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”.

Visit for the instructions on making a tripod umbrella holder using materials found at your local hardware store.  For just a few bucks and a few minutes of work, this is one DIY project that can save you in a pinch.

Umbrella Tripod Holder

Photo from

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  • Travis

    That’s great until a gust of wind picks up and blows your camera/lens over.

  • Desbris

    That is pretty cool actually

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