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August 10, 2012
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Music Showcase! 10 Dramatic Royalty Free Tracks

The best dramatic royalty free tracks to add tension and suspense to your game or video project!

Royalty Free Dramatic Music

One of the best ways to emphasize drama in your game or video is by including a driving and stimulating soundtrack.  From epic movie trailer scores to subtle music beds, the following dramatic royalty free tracks will draw the listener in and keep them engaged!


Intense and epic track that has that “Hollywood” trailer feel!  Perfect for action scenes, advertisements or highlights reel.  A full orchestra with powerful horns and tense strings builds with intensity.  Driving tempo throughout with an epic choir finish!


Dramatic royalty free track that has an eerie and mysterious vibe.  Dark and tense, with repetitive strings and deep drumming.  Feels like preparing for battle.  It would also be a thrilling way to highlight a new product.

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Starts minimal and builds into something big and mysterious.  Simple piano gives way to ethereal ambiance and big percussion.  Perfect royalty free track for highlighting tension and mystery.


Clean piano feels majestic paired with the sound of pensive strings.  Ideal musical accompaniment to highlight feelings of longing or remorse.  A beautiful simplicity that feels dramatic and majestic.

The title says it all!  A scary soundtrack that will get your blood pumping.  Feels like something is amiss.  Light and calm strings develop into something sinister and eerie.  Would be fitting in a Tim Burton film!

An atmospheric royalty free track that would feel at home in a fantasy or mystery film.  Gives off an unsettling vibe that something sinister is in the works!  Feels mysterious…and dangerous.

Great for trailers or film/event opens.  Fast strings and driving brass feels grand and moving.  This dramatic royalty free track has a heroic vibe.  The sound of conquest and victory.

This dramatic track would be at home in a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie.  Ideal for sports, battle scenes or blockbuster trailers.  Full of action and excitement with that “Hollywood” touch.

Driving orchestral royalty free track with a hard rock edge.  Snare drumming gives a military feeling.  Epic and extreme – this is the soundtrack to battle!

Mysterious and dramatic royalty free music that feels foreboding and ominous.  Ideal for crime, mystery and sci fi programming.  Great music for games!  Distant electronics give this one an eerie technical vibe.

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