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June 21, 2011
Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro XVideo Editing

Final Cut Pro X: The Missing Features

In this post, we’ll take a look at Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X video editing software and more specifically the features that were left out of the new application.

Many video professionals and early adopters of the application have already lashed out criticism for Apple leaving out professional features that were present in earlier versions of FCP.  Aside from this features list, it is important to note that Apple has also combined parts of their Color, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack applications into Final Cut Pro X.

From the early reports that have surfaced about FCPX here’s what we know about missing features in the product update:

  • Chapter Markers
    Apple seems to have done away with DVD Studio Pro, but you can now burn DVDs from directly within Final Cut Pro.  In earlier versions of FCP you could add markers and include them as chapter markers upon export.  This feature has inconventintely been left out of FCPX, making the ability to architect a commercial DVD fairly infeasible.
  • Limited Export Settings
    You are limited in the formats and sizes you can export from FCPX.  Whereas before you could export a variety of codecs and formats out of FCP, you now must complete more specific encoding in Compressor.
  • No Export for Hi-Res JPGs
    If you want high resolution screenshots you must save them as TIFF or PNG files.  JPG stills can be saved out of FCPX but they will be low resolution files.
  • No Support for EDL
  • No XML Import
    Word on the street is this will be accomplished with a future third party plugin (for an additional fee, certainly).
  • No OMF export
    Again, this should be able to be completed with a third party plugin sometime in the future
  • No Native Support for Red Raw files
    With the wide range of codecs and file formats that FCPX nateively supports, it may be a bit of a surprise that they don’t nateively support this now popular video format.
  • No Multicam
    The intial release will not have support for multicam, but sources close to Apple say that it will be included in future updates.  If you use Multicam often, the lack of this feature could be a dealbreaker.
  • Inability to Open Projects Saved From Previous FCP Versions
    The initial release will not allow you to open up projects saved from previous Final Cut Pro versions.  There may be some ability to import legacy projects in future updates, but for this reason alone it makes sense to keep both FCPX and an older version of FCP on your machine.
  • No Capture from Tape or Output to Tape
    Tape is slowly being phased out in most forms of production, in favor of solid state and file based systems.  It’s no surprise that this one wasn’t included, but it may be a deterent for those that are still working in a tape based environment.  UPDATE:  You can capture from camera, but does not appear to have batch capture function.
  • Limited Options for Arranging Your Workspace
    Say goodbye to editing on 2 screens and sending the video signal out to a third monitor.  The workspace is primarily “locked” and windows cannot be rearranged.
  • No Native Support for Third Party Plugins
    We can anticipate this being a feature in immediate updates to FCPX.  For now however, you are relegated to Final Cut Pro X’s built in plugins and filters until the SDK for developers is released.   Your FCP 7 and earlier compatible plug-ins WILL NOT work in FCPX.  UPDATE:  Noise Industries reports an update to it’s FX Factory bundle with over 140 effects, transitions and generators for FCPX.
  • Support for External Monitoring?
    Early reports state no support for external monitoring on a calibrated video display.
    UPDATE:  There is external monitoring with an AJA card and new drivers.

Does the lack of these “pro” features give you second thoughts about upgrading?

What features do you miss in the new Final Cut Pro X?
We want to hear from you in the comments!!


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  • http://YourSite(Optional) cpm5280

    While many of these are surprising, most also look like things that will be worked out in time. FCPX isn’t “Final Cut Pro v. 8″, it’s “FCP X, v. 1.0″!

    That being said: no multicam? no fxplug? wow.

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  • Steven Sokulski

    Very good list. Thank you!

    Final Cut Pro X includes FXplug 2. Undoubtedly we’ll see our favorite third party plug-ins receiving the X treatment as soon as the SDK hits the streets.

    That said, I’m preparing to install this bad boy to a separate user account to prevent disturbing my precious FCP 7 install.

    • Danny Greer

      @Steven — thanks for your input on FX plug 2. I know one plug-in developer that is quite upset that the SDK is not yet available. Undoubtedly, there are many others.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Frank Grimes

    Thanks for all the work you are doing. Really appreciate it. Your info works for the Pros and Rookies like me.

  • Art bell

    NO import from FCP 7 projects – even a limited way – this stopped us cold today.

    We are no longer purchasing at this time.

    • Danny Greer

      @Art — indeed this is going to stop many other users from purchasing as well.

  • Mikel J. Wisler

    Yeah, the lack of many of these features begs the question for me if this is really a Pro App. They should have just called it the new Final Cut Express, because that’s what it clearly is.

    I also have been told you cannot make multiple sequences in the same project. You have to start new projects. As an editor who makes a new sequence for every revision of a project, this is unacceptable. And the lack of RED Raw support is just unbelievable. FCP X runs the risk of being rendered irrelevant to a lot of video and film professionals using on the RED cameras and seeking a more seamless post workflow. From where I sit right now, reading these reviews and talking to friends who have purchased FCP X, it sounds like there are some cool features, the magnetic timeline sounds great, and the use of multicores sound fantastic. But, is this really a Pro app? Can it really replace FCP 7 for me. And if it can’t, I’m not sure its even worth $300 to me. I’d rather spend that on beer. Or my next short film.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Bob

    I so wish I had read this article before I clicked “Buy App.” I guess I’ll get over it and learn how to re-wire my brain for this version. Any good video tutorials on how to make the transition?

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Mathe Bojalil

    Does any one knows if it’s possible to read old Motion documents in FCP X?

  • Mikel J. Wisler

    Based on the fact that FCP X cannot open FCP 7 projects because of the new 64-bit processing instead of the older 32-bit, my guess would be (and this is only an educated guess, not field tested yet) is that FCP X will NOT read old Motion projects either for the very same reason.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Mathe Bojalil

    @Mikel, your guess is absolutely true!
    I’ve been learning all day about the pros and cons and I haven’t make up my mind yet.
    I think we’re in the middle of an important transition between old and new OSs and applications. It might be better wait and see what the updates will bring…
    Until now, we’ve been able to work with our Final Cut Studio and so we will.
    @ Bob, tutorials of FCP X are for sale on Larry Jordan’s site.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Philo

    The multicam is a huge drag and possible deal-breaker for me, they had better add it in the first year.
    I need to be able to burn simple DVD and BluRay as my deliverables.
    Tape in and tape out is a huge factor for my shop: thought we’ll eventually move into some kind of solid-state recording technology, we deal in lots of legacy tape footage every day, and we still shoot on tape in SD and HD. AJA has a free capturing ap within their new driver set that can handle this, but Apple needs to have a more integrated approach about this and not leave a huge sector of the user base out in the cold. Networked storage needs to be addressed: we work in a collaborative environment.
    Some kind of plug-ins translator would be nice, or it will take me a long time to gather X-branded (not “x-rated”) versions of my fave third-party effects. This first iteration of the softwaer seems aimed first at people who make spots and maybe news. The documentarians and long-form folks are missing a lot of what they need and are used to having. WHat will tell all is just how well Apple show they are listening and engaging the user community over the next couple of months. If they stay aloof, they are going to be making huge bank over at Avid and Adobe over this. If Apple stays closely engaged and responsive, they will eventually win over the doubters. Now that the secret is out, Apple should make further development of FCP-x more open-source and collaborative.

  • Tom Adams

    I can’t use FCP X without multicam. That’s the majority of my event video business. I saw Adobe’s Production Suite 5.5 at Adobe in SF last week and was impressed, but then saw Apple’s video this morning and thought, wow, they are still ahead of Adobe. Maybe not. Price point is certainly nice, but I’m still shooting on Sony Tape HDV camcorders, so perhaps I’ll sit tight until my FCP6 stops working.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Sean

    So, you’re going to need third-party support to make OMF’s, flat out no support for EDL’s, can’t view multicam, and no legacy support? Yeah… I’ll stick with MC.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) chris

    Its a complete non starter. If we switched to FCPX today we might as well close the business. This maybe great for wedding videographers but not for any working in film or broadcast. They should drop the Pro and call it Final Cut X.

    Its a frightening trend that Apple has been on lately where, with an eye towards profits, they seem to be forsaking their high end, professional, computer savvy customers in the interest of dumbing everything down for the multitudes of computer illiterate grandmas and iOS users that out number professional users 20 to 1. How long before they phase out the Mac Pro tower all together?

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Martin Baker

    “Apple has also combined Color, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack into the Final Cut Pro X application.”

    Not true at all. Apple have taken small PARTS of those apps and put them into FCPX. There’s a huge difference.

    • Danny Greer

      @Martin. Thanks for your insight. You are most correct, as FCPX does not have the full capabilities of any of these applications — only specific functions and features. I’ve updated the post to more accurately reflect this. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback!

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  • http://YourSite(Optional) Max

    holy f*ck. just bought it, tried to open a project, didn’t open, googled the problem, found this website, and am totally depressed now. This is unbelievable, who can they move BACK in time. The’ve gone completely insane…

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  • http://YourSite(Optional) Scott

    I’ve been digesting most of this today and saving my comments. I have a pretty good sense of what Final Cut Pro X is and isn’t in its current form. It’s important to remember that we’re bridging into a new millennium with this approach to editing. It’s going to drag people with it kicking and screaming. Will it become the “standard”? Too soon to tell, but Apple has released the product knowing that production houses will “experiment” with the new release while they continue to utilize FCP7 for their production workflow. The idea is to get it into editor’s hands so that they can familiarize themselves with what will be a new paradigm. A shift. The missing features will come. I’m sure of that, but in the meantime, many will continue to use FCP7. No reason to go ballistic here. I used version 1.0 of Final Cut back in 2000. Avid users said it would never take over the market. Editors kicked and screamed that it wasn’t ready for primetime. Remember that? Anyone? Well, I was sitting in a room in the old Hollywood Athletic Club tower at the time. I remember listening to a bunch of editors with doubts about the product. Remember it like it was yesterday.

    • Danny Greer

      @Scott, thanks for your insight. Indeed this is a paradigm shift. Hoping that Apple recognizes the weaknesses of the application for pro users and makes sufficient updates. I very much believe FCPX has the POTENTIAL to be pro-worthy with the right updates and inclusions.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) bob

    Just don’t but it and they will get the picture.

  • Chris

    So while a lot of your comments and points are valid, I think we’re seeing a case of the “whining of the vocal minority” here. I mean, do we really need to gripe that we can’t export hi res jpegs only TIFFs?

    No native RED support, or opening old FCP projects are both huge oversights I think. But you *can* show your viewer or your events window on an external monitor, its in the Window dropdown option on the menubar, thus allowing a dual monitor workflow.

    I’ll bet you if you found a way to poll all of the people who use FCP on a daily or regular basis and asked them how many of them regularly require the ability to import/export OMFs, XMLs or EDLs or, you’d get an insanely low percentage of people. Yes, it should be there if this is to be considered a “pro” app… but I think all this hubbub is a little disproportionate to the amount of people who’d actually benefit from the inclusion off the bat of some of these features.

    They’ll show up. But in the meantime lets not forget all the things this new version does infinitely better than the old FCP. I mean, a 12 core mac pro can damn near run a NASA mission by itself but couldn’t render a line of generated text over a layer of video… this was a big problem. Its now fixed, along with a host of other nips and tucks that make this program really fly and actually put to use all the money people spent on their decked out macs.

    The lack of multicam is troubling, I’ll admit that, but again.. most people who use FCP don’t need that feature regularly. I can’t say with certain but I’d imagine Apple did some sort of polling to find out what most of their users use on a regular basis and concentrated on porting that to FCPX first. And I (and just about everyone else I know) gave up hope on DVDSP long long ago (and moved on to Encore) so the whole chapter markers thing is a wash really. Again, probably a features a small percentage of people use…

    I say, lets see this for what it is: a radically new paradigm for editing that finally brings the software up to the level of the hardware. Its got some growing pains, but it’ll be enhanced and added to. And once 3rd party plugin support (a feature that just because of the whole 32>64 bit thing I never thought would be present anyway) comes in… and a few glaring omissions get added, people will forget about all this whining.

    • Danny Greer

      @Chris, thanks for the insightful feedback! I’d also be interested to know what kind of user/market research was done when deciding what features to integrate within FCPX. I agree that most users do not, on a regular basis, use some of the functions that were omitted from this update. The average consumer isn’t going to export a file to OMF, you’re certainly correct. However, as a professional editor it’s something I do often — as I typically provide my sound engineer with OMFs to do a Pro Tools mix. That’s just one example of a workaround that would need to be done because of lack of a features (features that were present on earlier FCP versions). For now, FCPX seems like a fun tool to play with — but in working with clients on substantial projects, I’ll most likely have to stick with FCP 7 until Apple makes significant FCPX updates.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Dan

    I guess the point is, it’s not FCP 8. Not really an Upgrade either.
    Which isn’t what’s implied on the official previews
    This article is way more informative. At least it’s taken some of the confusion away. And saved me some $$$. I’m still itching to try out ‘X’ though.

    I remember Fcp V1.0 too. It was Crap. Crashed half the time and hung the rest of it. Not even gonna mention the bugs. Can’t think of anyone that uses it though.
    It was only after V4 or V5 that we got more comfortable and it got more stable. And that took years. I don’t think Clients can understand that though, much less afford it.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Kevin King

    There is tape capture and batch capture in AJA VTR Xchange (free download) AJA have published a document on how to set up your video, audio, second screen and tape based capture. AJA and Apple FCPX: AJA has released KONA X beta drivers for FCPX users with KONA 3G, KONA 3 and KONA LHi! Download KONA X beta drivers here

    • Danny Greer

      @Kevin. Thanks for the update! Will look into the AJA / FCPX setup.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) MiWright

    I suspect a large number of those impulse purchases today were done by folks who did no homework/research before they hit the “Buy” button. I’m sure Apple was expecting the large volume of hate mail they’re getting.

    Apple has been trying to warn users as far back as February that this is a ground-up re-write, a totally new codebase and a completely new program. They delivered what they promised, and it’s a .0 release, that should have been a big red flag.

    Apple has been training it’s users slowly away from even looking at a manual or any sort of documentation. To their credit, even on release day, there is an abundance of documentation available on their site right now that attempts to clarify much of the FUD and gnashing of teeth. The best option right now for early adopters is to RTFM and then comb the knowledge base…

    Meanwhile, the smart money is betting that all this will be much better sometime this Fall.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Knute

    I look at FCPX as 90% there. And pro users are justified in yelling for that final 10%. This isn’t iLife and there are some heavy hitters who may (or may not) use this software. At the Vegas Supermeet, Apple made it clear they had no intention of losing the Coen’s and Murches. So here’s my suggestions:

    1. Provide a simple roadmap for those functions not in FCPX but due soon, like Multicam support, Red, FCP7 import, etc. Let us at least know you have them on the radar.
    2. Unlock the UI to allow flexible screen workflow. One size does not fit all.
    3. Promote tighter audio integration with Logic Express/Pro. Sort of an Avid MC/ProTools combo
    4. Lift the veil of secrecy and talk to your users. Now it’s out, it’s time to begin the conversation. We expect a lack of flexibility and features in a 1.0 redo, but somebody needs to address the legitimate concerns in a timely manner. Again, these are pro users. We’re here to help…

    • Danny Greer

      @Kunte – great suggestion! I especially hope #4 happens soon. With the “backlash” Apple is getting, it would be wise for them to save face by updating pro users on future plans for FCPX.

  • fred findley

    The lack of multi-cam is a deal breaker. Cannot invest in that. Also, I HATE the new version of iMovie that has been sold the past few years, because it’s nearly impossible to use that lasso tool to mark in and mark out your clips. If this is how you have to edit in Final Cut X, that’s terrifying.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Bob DeLano

    “X” Looks like a fun thing to play with and I look forward to watching it grow into a tool that I can use. My workflow still demands accessing legacy projects, a library of color-corrected clips, plus an external critical monitor. The audio facilities I work with all continue to demand an OMF file, and the networks I deliver too all require material on tape. “X” just doesn’t help me very much yet – but it looks cool.

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  • thomas bodetti

    Really disappointed, not awesome at all, I want a refund, this is junk…

  • Wayan Palmieri


    First of all, i am a apple junkie, down to the core, love it and live apple.
    when skeptics last month were nagging on Final Cut Pro X, i was the one saying “no way Apple would kill all the Pro features, you will see”

    Along comes D-day, FINAL CUT PRO X is out, wow!!! Can it really be? it was like Xmas for me.. i wait for a friend to buy it before jumping the gun. After a quick install and launch, we are up…

    WTF?? NO sequences? NO project settings? NO video output? NO EDL? NO XML? NO precise way to adjust keyframe settings like in FCP 7? NO assignment of audio tracks? NO Multicam tool? NO Capture from Tape? Where did all the output setting go? no flexibility to change your project settings and output to the way you want. The list goes on and on.

    Xmas was over, Santa is a fake and Final Cut Pro X is no longer a Pro app. Very sad;(

    A few months ago, i was helping my friends kid to setup himself on imovie and i remembered the interface well and the lack of any Pro features.. Now we have Final Cut Pro X with the same type interface and the same problem with a lack of Pro Features… What happened? did all the Final Cut Pro engineers get fired and the iMovie engineers said “we can do it for you”?

    For a Pro user that works on TV shows, this is unusable!!!!

    if there is no “major” updates to bring back all the Pro Featues in the next months, i will have to go back to Avid Media Composer after 12 years with Final Cut Pro.

    As far as i see, Final Cut Pro is dead for the professional user, Apple decided to sell out to the general public. Shame on you APPLE!!!!!

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Mike

    Correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t we still waiting for Quicktime X to be completed. I’m still running the legacy version because like FCPX it’s not finished WTF?

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Staggbee

    They used X to cut out the P in FCP. This is not even Final Cut Express, it’s iMovie Pro.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) An regular video-editor

    Well, There is an option to get the viewer window (or event window) on the second monitor. Select window then ”show viewer on Second Display”. After all include features from the previous version will be integrated i will legally update FCP7 to FCPX. Until then I keep learning out the new UI on a cracked version, Thank you Apple (Sarcastic)

  • http://YourSite(Optional) ahmad sadr

    it seems fault
    in final cut pro X manual you can find how capture tape-based files into FCP X. I wonder that had been said FCP X can’t capture tape. please check it out.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Rich

    No chapter stops? Seriously? I don’t understand the Apple jihad against media distribution on shiny discs. Without chapter stops, this program is utterly useless to me.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Jay

    Bwahahaha! This is the most insane upgrade EVaH! I can’t wait to plunk down money for an avid system. FU Apple

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Marcus

    FCP X – good to know that Apple can still sell iPhones and music downloads. As for the knee-jerk kool-aid drinkers that have already bought the software? How do you like your new Ford Pinto?

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Russ Lord

    No Output to tape? Limited Options for arranging your workspace? No XML import? Limited Export Settings? No EDL support? REALLY?
    What a shame, Now I’m really glad I went to Adobe’s Production Premium. Good Luck Die Hards, this ship has sailed.

  • Roobster

    Thanks for the review and interesting comments! I wonder: At the moment I am a Final Cut Express user and planning to upgrade. I was waiting for FCPX to decide whether to go for FCPX or try to find an old FCP version somewhere.

    I use FCE for simple one camera interview editing primarily, and I think in this particular case FCPX to me can still be an UPgrade. Do you have any thoughts or advise on this?

    Important feature I use is placing a lot of markers in the raw material at the sentences I want to use, will I still be able to do so in FCPX?

    Using MPG2 material (JVC’s GZ-HD7 .TOD files) is already a problem to me now, so I guess I’ll have to live with that until I get a new camera in the future.

    Hope some of you have some advise for me

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  • Shnex

    While I can understand where apple is headed with FCPX, a part of me feels those limitations show a lack of understanding of the professional Post-Production process, or at least a lack of interest.
    While laying back to tape is a pain, it’s still happening. As far as I know, no TV channel here in the UK can work without tapes, so FCPX inability to lay back to tape is very much a deal-breaker.
    For me though, what makes no sense whatsoever is the lack of OMF export ability. I don’t understand how editors are going to provide their edits’ audio to sound engineers without it…
    As far as I’m concerned, FCPX is not a Pro App, which makes me wonder if this isn’t a new policy of Apple’s, and is worrying as to the future of Logic Pro

  • http://YourSite(Optional) morty


    You have no idea… FCP is used by alot of professionals but Apple threw them under the bus and now wants to proclaim itself as God reinventing video editing. They clearly only want the gazillion You Tube junkies and “wealthy toy consumers” as opposed to building a quality professional product. Worse they lie, obfuscate and pretend to market as professional. Apple COULD HAVE phased in a better product better but they clearly just want market share.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Errol

    I already know whats going to happen and its a smart move. Apple is going to release the SDK much like they did for the iphone… allowing developers to sell plug-ins and apps through the app store to turn Final Cut pro X… into anything you want. Its obvious that’s where their going. So any plug in you can think of will be available to you and they will vary rarely have to update final cut. They have been working hard on the app store, and they saw the success of the iphone with apps. They realize that letting the community dictate what updates are made is the most efficient way and most profitable. This is all speculation on my part, but I love Apple and I believe in their CEO, knowing they are who they are… that’s the direction I’d say they were going to take. So hold on to your britches… you aint seen nothin yet!

  • http://YourSite(Optional) SnowNinja

    Here is some more flaws with FCP 7

    1) The T tool Back to select all clips behind the cursor
    2) The ability to lock layers
    3) The ability to make new sequences
    4) Better time remapping like FCP 7
    5) When speeding up and slowing down clips cant they make it like 7 where it does not have to render every time you make a change?
    6) The analysis files get way to big without the above fcp 7 time rendering when lots of changes are made.
    7) The razor tool always is in scrub playback mode…need to have ability to disengage this.
    8) Cant seem to detach audio for multiple clips.

  • Gregory Tipton

    I agree with many of the semi-critical, but hesitant responses.

    For me, this is a HUGE wait-and-see proposition… and for now, Final Cut Studio 3 (FCP 7) is the only way to go.

  • Paul

    I agree that Apple has made a huge mistake with FCPx because they eliminated many things that professional editors need, but as many are saying a lot of these features will soon be implemented in updates or by plug-ins. My only problem with that is that we will have to pay more for what we were always used to having already.

    Now many people are complaining that they cannot output to tape formats like HDCAM etc…, well if you went out 2 yrs ago and bought a Mac Pro and FCS3 guess what, you couldn’t output to HDCAM either. In fact with only FCP and no additional hardware you could never output to anything that was not firewire based, i.e. DVCAM, MiniDV, HDV and DVCPRO so that is not a big deal. And included with that you could not view your work on a broadcast monitor unless you were editing with those formats either. So just wait until there is an update for the capture/ output cards and everything will be back to normal for those who actually use those formats and output to broadcast monitors.

    There are really only a few issues with the release of FCPx that are causing these problems, not being able to use legacy FCP projects, no support for tracks and the lack of support for OMF, EDL and XML. When and if they fix these FCPx can get back to where it should be.

  • Mark

    LAME . . . i would have been happy seeing FCP 7 with multicore – the other items are superfluous to me – auto color? auto tagging? cmon auto anything never works as expected! No chapter markers? Are you kidding me? That’s got to be a simple deal to include! What a joke! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. Someone . . . no, everyone over there on this redev team has lost their minds. I’ve been waiting and debating moving over to Premiere for the past year to take advantage of multi-core . . . this may be the last straw. Thank Christ i didn’t buy immediately . . . i’d be more pissed than i already am. I say again . . . LAME!

  • http://YourSite(Optional) julian

    The biggest mistake Apple made with the launch of Final Cut X (and it is version 10 not version 1) is to not include a manual of some kind. It would have saved a lot of belly aching about missing features.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Grant

    I’m a prosumer – the theoretical target of this software.
    One thing that has never been brought up on these sites; the included content for FCPX and Motion is a fraction of what it was. Many of the holdover templates are beautiful but the few new ones are so ugly and simplistic that I can’t imagine ever using one. Apple was always distinguished in my mind for the elegance of their design sense. What is happening? Did they fire all of their designers?
    Sure I don’t use multi-cam on every project, or export EDLs or OMFs… but I have needed to in the past and expect to need to at some time in the future. I can’t afford to start a project in a software that is a dead end. I’ll stick to the old suite and hope. (Just call me a disappointed fanboy.)

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Walking Eagle

    We will advise some 8 tribal educational user groups (representing
    over 3,100 Native American students) to preserve previous versions of FCP, and NOT to even consider FCPX at this time. Another great setback for Indian country!

  • http://YourSite(Optional) John Waldmann

    I guess absolutely no-one will be genuinely surprised to here Apple’s latest announcement of Final Cut X Studio that addressees all these issues, and has the option for those on slow broadband of distribution on flash drives optical media.
    This professional suite only available bundled with a build to order MacPro, or the new Apple Thunderbolt enabled edit suite hardware bundle (control surfaces, second monitor, near-field speakers and Raid – likewise only available to owners of 2011 iMacs or better).

    While Final Cut X is similar to Final Cut Express in that it lacks expected pro features. Final cut express was a product built on a different code a different code base and used imovie internal codecs. However Final Cut X is almost certainly intended as a unified architecture where features are merely enabled as one purchases increasingly advances components. It may well be that Final Cut Bridge X, Final Cut Data X and is on the “near” horizon despite Apple’s protestations to the contrary.

    Apple has always reserved the right to follow their own strategic planning in the peculiarly unique Apple fashion in which Apple’s tactical advantage is often exercised to the detriment of early adopters of strangely crippled hardware and software.

    In regards to Final Cut X I for one have left of purchasing it until it is complete, but have purchased MotionX in the interim, to see if it resolves some of the issues I had with Motion3.0. MotionX too has much missing, or there but presently hidden from users (pending bug fixes). I am constantly reaching for a tool or option only to discover it is missing or so well hidden to require utter rethink as to how to achieve a particular effect. One good aspect of MotionX is that it functions much better with my flashed Ausus 4870 graphics card that Motion3.0 used to occasionally buffer overrun. So I guess MotionX and Final Cut X has much cleaner code and promises to be a better integrated development base for both a prosumer and (yet to be announced) professional versions.

    •••A key consideration no-one seems to have examined yet is the codec licensing regime bundled with Final Cut X products, what are the delivery constraints/ fees/ fish-hooks embedded in this new version when used for professional and personal video production.

    ••• Are wedding and industrial videographers better off sticking with FCStudio simply due to licensing, never mind workflow issues?

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Steve

    Can’t do the equivalent of start/stop detection.

    Also, can’t see both sides of an edit while making an edit.

    • Danny Greer

      @Steve, @SnowNinja — Thanks for calling to our attention more missing features in FCPX.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Luis Cubillos

    I’m going back to Avid or switching to Premiere. This is no longer a professional application.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Les Cramer

    FCP, it would seem, should now be listed under “VIDEO GAMES”, and
    not as any kind of usable application to professionals who must deliver cinema, television, etc. Sad.

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  • http://YourSite(Optional) Darryl

    Very disappointing release of a product labelled PRO.

    I have been using final cut pro since version 1 and this new version is really bad. While everyone seems to be talking about the PRO features that have gone missing, some very BASIC features have also disappeared.

    Main missing features for me besides the ones that have already been discussed.

    No sub-clipping. While this is not a deal breaker I do use this feature quite a bit. Range based key wording instead does not cut it. Sorry Apple.

    No in and out points. Tell me how I know a marker region. or a duration for a certain selection. This to me is something very basic that they stripped out.

    Not being able to change your starting timecode for your timeline. I guess this doesn’t matter because you can’t lay back to tape, but still.
    So, even when third parties do step in how will this be done, even for just reference.

    No viewer. Can’t compare two clips, can’t do alot without this viewer window.

    Apple was finally somewhat there with the floating timecode window and being able to view other data, not as good as avids though but they were on the right track, and now back to basics. Oh Apple.

    Lack of audio mixing. There is no mixer now. This is very VERY basic now.

    Apple didn’t only strip FCPX of many pro features they seemed to strip it of some very basic ones as well.

  • http://YourSite(Optional) Tim


    New Paradigm. God I hope not. It does seem to fit Apple’s new profit paradigm. Dumb it down to widen the market. Apple has lately been thumbing their noses to real world pro users. Taking the E sata out of the 15″, getting rid of FW 400 from macbook, etc. While these things eventually become obsolete, they always seem a bit premature in pushing them out the door.

    Sure, there will be 3rd party apps, but how do you get around the monitoring issues: no re-arranging of your windows, two monitor editing or color correct monitor. It’s doubtful 3rd party will take care of this deal breaker. Sounds like they’ve really become committed to amateur hour.

    Apple definitely took a great leap backward. If they had any real intention of dominating the pro (no prosumer market), they would have had all the missing features plus new ones right off the bat. Comparing it to FCP 1.0 is not a fair comparison considering NLE editing was in its infancy. It isn’t now.

    Mac is clearly gunning for the prosumer market and Avid is popping the champagne. Time to go back to the NLE I started on.

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  • mark

    you can’t have 7 and x running at the same time.

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  • http://YourSite(Optional) Zxen

    I just installed FCPX on my first Mac after years of editing with Premiere on a PC. I cannot begin to tell Mac users how primitive this interface is, how limited, how frustrating, and how unsupported. As far as I can see, Macs are children’s toys, and this FCPX is sinful. I tried to import a theatre backdrop for a title because I’d been using one in iMovie. The red curtain image is on my computer somewhere, but God knows how to import it using FCPX. Macs require you to LEAVE the program you’re using in order to manipulate files and foders using ‘Finder’. Your FINDER technology has been surpassed by a factor of a thousand in Windows, and is integrated into everything you do. If you are importing a file into a program, you can manipulate and reorganise any files you want without any difficulty at all. I cannot believe I was talked into getting a Mac. I must have been talking to people who don’t create anything except for Word documents, and spend the rest of the time on social networks and watching movies.

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  • Halisi Vinson

    this is an EPIC APPLE FAIL. The notion that we are in a 100% digital age is obnoxiously arrogant. I do a lot of work for churches that want to hand out DVDs that are broken down in scenes for learning purposes. I guess it’s time to start looking for new software. I hate adobe’s extortionist customer service, but… professionals need what they need, and obviously Apple isn’t catering to professionals any more.
    Not being able to export audio to industry standard formats – won’t work.
    Not being able to author DVDs the way the studios do – won’t work.
    Not being able to open up older versions in X – won’t work.
    No multicam feature – won’t work.
    No 3rd party plugins – won’t work
    No ability to change my workspace – won’t work.
    I use all of these features on a regular basis.

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  • Rocwkood

    I just created this app to convert markers from a FCPX xml file to a .txt file that you can import into compressor. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

  • Ekchong2000

    This post is outdated.  Since the release of Final Cut X version 10.0.3, there is multicam support, chapter markers, sharing to DVD, etc.

  • Rudyfavo

    How do I burn a DVD from the final cut x .mov output?

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  • Hummer

    Viewing through a curtain then open prior to the film would be NICE

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