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December 18, 2013
After EffectsVideo Editing

Free Glitch Script for Adobe After Effects

Create lo-fi style tech effects with this free After Effects glitch script from CreativeDojo.

Adobe After Effects

The glitch effect is a popular design style for text and title treatments in After Effects. We previously featured a paid glitch script, but now we’ll share one better – free. Premiumbeat blog friend  from CreativeDojo has created a really handy script for giving text a glitched out look.

In the video, you’ll see how the script makes it quite simple to apply glitch in your AE projects. VinhSon demonstrates an After Effects technique that uses the script to create a glitch transition.

Visit CreativeDojo to download the script (it’ll cost you one like on Facebook or follow/tweet on Twitter).

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  • VinhSonNguyen

    Wow, thanks for the share and spreading the word on my script :) Greatly appreciate it!

    • Motion Array

      Very nice script! You should change the blending modes on the RGB precomps to additive instead of screen. This way when they are all layered over each other with no separation, you have the original image/text (pure white in this case.)

      • VinhSon Nguyen

        By changing the blending modes to “Add” instead of “Screen”, we won’t get the original image anymore if the Glitch is set to 0. Each layer would be added over the image under it, blowing the image out once they all converged.

    • will

      how do you open this in after effects?!

      • VinhSon Nguyen

        Help documentation is included in the .zip. After installation, go to the “Window” menu and select it in After Effects.

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