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Head-to-Head: GH4 vs Mark III RAW & C100

Watch the popular Lumix GH4 go head-to-head against a Canon 5D Mark III and C100.

With 4K video and sharpness that questionably outperforms a RED Epic, the GH4 has quickly become a popular camera in the filmmaking community. But how does it compare to the Mark III with Magic Lantern or a C100?

The following video comparisons by Steve Chan puts the GH4 head-to-head with the Mark III to determine which camera is the best option for filmmakers.

GH4 vs. Canon Mark III RAW

Panasonic GH4 Canon 5D Mark III (RAW)
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 1,920 x 1,080
Sensitivity Range (ISO) 100 – 25,600 100 – 102,400
Crop Factor 2:1 1:1
Price $1,699 $3,399
Lens Mount Micro 4/3 Canon EF

GH4 vs. Canon C100

Panasonic GH4 Canon C100
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 3,840 x 2,160
Sensitivity Range (ISO) 100 – 25,600 320 – 20,000
Crop Factor 2:1 1:4
Price $1,699 $4,999
Lens Mount Micro 4/3 Canon EF

The results tell us a lot about the image quality of the GH4. While it may not be superior to the Mark III or C100 in image quality, it isn’t significantly inferior either. With all the money you would save from buying a GH4 instead of a Mark III or C100 you could get a ton of gear. Just a thought.

This video was first shared by Steve Chan on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing Steve.

What did you think of this comparison? Are the differences worth the price difference? Share in the comments below.

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  • jonsen

    C100 has a 1.6 crop factor, not a 1:1 crop factor. Also, not sure what videos you watched, but the GH4 looked about as good, or in many shots much better. Extreme low light is the only place left where it falls down, and its not bad there either.

  • Ryan Farnes

    Gh4 wins for sharp resolution, 5DIII for that extra stop or two of dynamic range. The highlights blow out a bit more pleasantly on the 5DIII in raw, which is one of the GH4′s weaknesses I see consistently across all its samples. The mid range stuff looks spectacular, but the blown highlights scream video to me.

    • jonsen

      Look in the dark areas of the arches in 1:16. black on 5D Raw and there’s detail on the GH4. More DR. I think exposure choices are the only difference in DR. Expose for highlights and make sure to shoot 16-235 on the GH4 and blown highlights are not an issue.

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