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Music Showcase! 10 Dramatic Royalty Free Tracks

Danny Greer
By Danny Greer

The best dramatic royalty free tracks to add tension and suspense to your game or video project!

One of the best ways to emphasize drama in your game or video is by including a driving and stimulating soundtrack.  From epic movie trailer scores to subtle music beds, the following dramatic royalty free tracks will draw the listener in and keep them engaged!

Music Showcase! 10 Dramatic Royalty Free Tracks
  • Day of Reckoning
  • A smooth yet sinister introduction leads to heavy drum hits, tense strings, choral elements and a rising build that create a mood of anticipation and adventure.
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  • Magic Crystal
  • Dark and foreboding, featuring haunting drones, and a mixture of orchestral sonorities and synth textures that create mystery and suspense.
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  • Viper Brigade
  • An aggressive and building introduction leads to rhythmic brass and driving percussion that depict a dramatic epic scene of anticipation.
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