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February 27, 2014
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Music Showcase: Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

Avoid copyright issues by using royalty free music in your online videos. Check out these handpicked tracks for your next YouTube or Vimeo project!

Creating an online video? You’ll need music. But word of warning – you can’t just use any track you want.

YouTube has become increasingly more aggressive over the last few years in protecting the copyrights of commercial music. If you use a copyrighted track in your YouTube video without permission/licensing, at the very least ads will run next to your video. Even worse, your video may be removed from YouTube altogether. Proper licensing of a commercial track is time intensive – and often prohibitively expensive.

That’s where royalty free music and Premiumbeat come in. By licensing music from your YouTube videos can run ad-free. Our Standard License covers ALL online usage – and allows you to use the same track in multiple videos FOREVER, without any additional fees.

Premiumbeat music allows you to monetize your YouTube videos.

In this post, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite royalty free tracks from our team of world-class composers. For your convenience, we’ve divvied them up into two common types of online videos:

Music for Corporate & Product Explainer Videos

Music for Film and Movie Trailers

Have a listen below or click the ‘Buy’ links to license a track for your next project!


 Music for Corporate & Explainer Videos

Corporate videos can be engaging – with the right content and music. Here are a few of our favorite royalty free music that would go well in an industrial or corporate video, production demonstration video or company presentation:


By ALLEGORY MUSIC  •  A thoughtful and inspirational ambient track that builds to a powerful and uplifting chorus of electric guitars, synths, strings and drums. 

Hoop Jumping

By BRIGHTSIDE STUDIO  •  An energetic and driving royalty free track that features layered male and female vocals. Great for a corporate project needing a winning edge.


By NICOLAS MAJOR  •  Inspiring pop track. Emotional and strong. Instrumentation includes drums, bass, claps and electric guitar.

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Seize The Day

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  •  An uplifting and inspirational track, designed to make your project stand out. Grand piano, string section, pop guitars and drums. 

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Up And Running

By LOST HARMONIES  •  Uplifting and inspirational guitar driven rock track with synth and strings layers. Great for corporate video and crowdfunding campaigns.

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All I See

By ALLEGORY MUSIC  •  An inspirational track with delayed guitars & ambient synths that builds to a powerful and uplifting chorus.

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A Brighter Future

By OLIVE MUSIQUE  •  Uplifting, hopeful and optimistic royalty free track featuring delayed electric guitar, a piano melody and an electronic rhythm section.

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Film Trailer Music

 Royalty Free Music for Trailers

The right music is imperative for giving your trailer maximum impact. We’ve handpicked a few of our favorite trailer tracks for your next trailer:

Redemption’s Wake

By BRIGHTSIDE STUDIO  •  Epic orchestral piece with small intro that builds into a triumphant dubstep orchestral hybrid finish.

Midnight Run

By REAKTOR PRODUCTIONS  •  A stirring folk-blues with an alluring cinematic feel. Theme progressively ramps up in intensity creating a compelling pull. 

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The Cavalry

BY: GG RIGGS  •  A tour de force of slamming urban drums and baroque strings lead this track head first into battle. Very lush and powerful.

Deception Point

BY: CHRIS HAIGH  •  Ultra modern and dark royalty free track, filled with drama and suspense throughout. This track is great for films and trailers.

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Grand Finale

BY: TRISTAN NORTON & MARTIN KOTTMEIER  •  Epic dubstep with a cinematic touch. A mixture of dark, theatrical organ, hard hitting drums and “in-your-face” wobbling bass lines. 

Prodigal Son

BY: BRIGHTSIDE STUDIO  •  An emotional and powerful orchestral cinematic trailer hybrid track with electric guitar that engages the listener.

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Becoming A Legend

BY: DAN PHILLIPSON  •  A powerful and dynamic orchestral track, with fast string phrases, big brass and driving percussion. Great for trailers.

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