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October 8, 2013
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Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Halloween Music

If you’re creating a Halloween themed project or need scary horror music for your film or video, these top tracks will set the spooky tone.

Halloween - Scary Royalty Free Music

Every Halloween or horror themed project is complete with a soundtrack of eerie music! The right music can drive intensity, build suspense and get your audience’s heart rate skyrocketing.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top royalty free Halloween music for use in your video and media projects. Whether, you need a creepy film score or background track for your zombie themed app or game, one of these top tracks should fit the bill.

We work exclusively with the leading production music composers to create high quality, affordably priced music tracks for media. For usage, our Standard License allows you to use our royalty free music in multiple projects without any future fees or royalties.

Give your next project feelings of suspense and tension – check out our showcase of the best royalty free Halloween music:

Horror Trailer Percussion

This track is ideal for those looking for that big blockbuster Hollywood, horror feel. Massive, scary and terrifying. The track makes the listener feel like they have to run for their lives!

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A creepy and very dark underscore the send chills right to the bones. Perfect for horror scenes, uncomfortable feelings, scary moments.

This track features a dark orchestra with a menacing, ominous sound. Strong cellos and double bass fuel the terror while hammering piano and sharp string runs give an action feel. Perfect for film trailers, video games and zombie or Halloween productions. Powerful, scary and epic.

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A fast-paced and exciting Halloween themed track featuring organ, celesta and rhythmic strings. Haunting, wicked and fun. This track creates a stunningly eerie ambiance while maintaining a sense of fun and magic.

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Creeping Demons

This dark track is creepy and suspenseful. It begins with low strings and then the ostinato pizzicato double basses and violins enter. Risers and screeching strings create tones of darkness making this track perfect for Halloween or horror trailers.

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A cinematic atmospheric drone underscore. The piece features a heartbeat like pulse throughout. Dark, horrifying and tense.

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Tension and suspense in this dark atmospheric soundscape are the name of the game. Scary, intense and dramatic. Perfect for horror trailers, vampires, murderers, massacres, violence and gore.

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The Lighthouse On Styx

Dark, foreboding and tense. The piece features suspenseful orchestral patterns, low, driving rhythm and embedded motives. Strange, suspenseful, and mysterious.

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Terror Within

An atmospheric horror track with eerie violin and cello melodies accompanied by low bass and percussion. The piece eventually rises to a terrifying climax. Haunting, spooky and scary.

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A high energy action piece, designed to get the blood flowing. Orchestral, grand and dramatic. The composer utilizes a strong, heavy rhythm and vocals to create an angry and malevolent mood.

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A mysterious and ethereal orchestral piece with shimmering strings and ominous basses. Subtle, dark and foreboding. This is a great track to underscore dark settings where evil may sleep.

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This track evokes feelings one might feel when walking down a creepy and dark alley. The track features weird, morphing organ and strange strings. A great track to use for any Halloween project.

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A suspenseful cinematic underscore with strings, soft bass sequences, electronic drums and ambient textures. Evocative of stressful ambiance, tension and danger awaiting. Feels like danger is lurking just around the corner.fgole

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This orchestral track features a haunting piano, brass, winds and percussion. A great track for building up tension to a moment of genuine terror. Don’t look behind you when listening to this track!

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An atmospheric electro-acoustic FX track. This track is full of eerie textures and is incredibly scary. Well suited for film projects or video games falling under the horror category!

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