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Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Pop & Top 40

Looking to give your video or media project an upbeat youthful vibe? Check out these high quality royalty free pop and Top 40 tracks.

Royalty Free Pop Music

We’ve handpicked the best pop and Top 40 style tracks from the world’s leading royalty free music producers. Perfect for lifestyle and action programming, these tracks have a relevant pop sound that connects with a youthful audience.

License any of these royalty free tracks with our Standard License and be legally covered for all online usage (like YouTube, Facebook and web commercials), as well as corporate video and background music for television programming. Best of all, you can use our Standard License in multiple projects for perpetuity, without incurring any future royalty fees.

We’ve handpicked each of these royalty free pop tracks to bring them to you exclusively here on Premiumbeat. You can now affordably license modern Top 40 style music!

A Trophy Life

By: GG RIGGS  A highly energetic royalty free pop track with elements of synth and piano that will place you in the middle of Ibiza.

Do It Now

By: MONTY TAYLOR  Simple, light pop track with an element of funk. Feel good guitars and grooving bass line.

Lucky Strike

By: REAKTOR PRODUCTIONS  A fun and catchy production music track with driving momentum and a joyful vibe. Light and positive.

To The Stars

By: YUNG SIR  A fun, feel good, house track. This track comes complete with trendy synths, melodic chords and pitched female vocals.

Ready For The Weekend

By: JOE SACCO  A powerful and energetic royalty free track with funky guitars and rhythmic dance drums. Fun, quirky and engaging.


By: REAKTOR PRODUCTIONS  Anthemic Top-40 style electro with fist-pumping dance chorus. Young and trendy with a rocking energy.

Turn It Up!

By: DELICATE BEATS  This track is high energy and has an edgy dance floor feel. Perfect for hip television ads.

Let’s Make It

By: LIAM AIDAN  Uplifting feel good track. Playful sounds dance around inspirational melodies that explode into feel-good dubstep.

Glow Stick

By: TRISTAN NORTON & MARTIN KOTTMEIER  Fun and energetic, this royalty free pop track is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Some Kind Of New

By: MONTY TAYLOR  Boyband style pop number with acoustic based verses and more synth based choruses. Light but full of hooks.


By: OLIVE MUSIQUE  A trendy and energetic electro-pop track with a strong beat and a cutting-edge guitar riff. Great pop for party themes.


By: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  Trendy, young and cool. This pop song combines a very modern guitar riff with an electronica edge to it.

Tattoos And Teslas

By: GG RIGGS  An uplifting and energetic track with epic synths and drums. Glitchy sounds throughout keep the listener on their toes.

Happy Song

By: JULIAN BELL  An upbeat, fun and fresh track that feels like summer. Youthful, vigorous and energetic.


By: NICOLAS MAJOR  A powerful, groovy and driving royalty free pop song. Catchy, fun and cool!

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