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DaVinci Resolve has a little-known tool known as Split Screen which can be useful at various points in your color grading sessions.

In this post we share a workflow on using face tracking for color correction in DaVinci Resolve.

In this tutorial we take cues from fashion and glamour print and apply them to video in DaVinci Resolve.

If you’re regularly experiencing dropped frames and sluggish performance, Resolve has a Render Cache feature that renders corrections for smoother playback.

Better control your project’s workflow and delivery by tweaking the options available in Resolve’s ‘Deliver’ window.

Initially announced at NAB 2014, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 11 is now available and features over 70 new features. Free upgrade for previous Resolve users!

Use the new group feature in DaVinci Resolve to accelerate your color grading workflow.

There’s one DaVinci Resolve feature that I keep in my back pocket for dealing with footage with messy blacks. In this video tutorial learn Chroma Dark!

After being unveiled at NAB 2014, the public beta for DaVinci Resolve is available for download today.

Limit the extreme registers of highlight or shadow detail using the Soft Clipping feature in DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve 11 features a redesigned editing interface and over 70 new features.

We’ve paired up Custom Keypad with DaVinci Resolve to create an iPad controllable color grading surface – but how does it measure up?