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Professional Microphones vs. $1 Microphones, Is There A Noticeable Difference?

What’s the difference between a $1 mic and a $350 mic? Find out in the following video tutorial.

Ready to step up your audio game? Let me personally thank you. Audio is (arguably) just as important as image quality, yet it is often treated as a secondary to video and not a creative tool. So if you’re ready to take your audio production skills to the next level, or simply want to know the sound difference between a cheap and expensive mic, we’ve found the video for you.

The following video tutorial presented by D J Clark of the World Press Photo Academy compares the following mics:

If already own a mic and want to learn the best way to use your mic on set we recommend checking out our post on how to be a better sound designer.

The video presents a very interesting comparison. While the $1 microphone clearly does not produce the same quality of sound, it isn’t terrible considering it’s only $1. If you’re wanting to get high-end professional sound a $1 mic isn’t going to cut it. However, as the video demonstrates, it is possible to record decent sound without breaking bank. Better to make a small mic investment, than no investment at all!

[video via NoFilmSchool]

What do you think of this test? Are the professional mics worth the cost? Share in the comments below.

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