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November 7, 2012
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Composer Spotlight! Ray Lindo’s Epic Royalty Free Tracks

Ray Lindo creates epic royalty free music that can add impact and energy to your film or video project!

Ray Lindo Premiumbeat

French composer Ray Lindo is an expert at creating impactful tracks.  Specializing in music for the film and game industry, his soaring pieces convey energy and emotion.  With skills honed over several decades, Ray’s tracks have that big “Hollywood sound” – majestic instrumentals with building strings, intense percussion and powerful brass.  Take a listen below to some of his best (and certainly most epic) royalty free tracks.

Hollywood Cinematic Trailer

BPM 100:  Powerful track well suited for film trailers or intros.  Soaring strings, french horns, piano and guitar.  Has a big Hollywood sound that grows throughout for an epic finale with full choir.

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BPM 90:  Big impacts, giant drums and professional Hollywood style sound design make this epic track well suited for a trailer or product launch.  Dark and mysterious with a modern edge.

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Flying To The Clouds

BPM 120:  Alternating between soft (60 BPM) and more dynamic parts (120 BPM), this track allows for a variety of uses.  Strings, french horns, piano and drums that give feelings of triumphant and emotional impact.

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Hollywood Cinematic Hero

BPM 70: This is the soundtrack to a Hollywood superhero blockbuster.  Great for trailers or action intensive scenes.  Feels like adventure, with an epic choir and intense ending.  Strong, cinematic and dramatic!

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Pure Spirit

BPM 77:  With its aerial piano and large strings ensemble to get started, this epic and majestic track leads you to an heroic and magic adventure to the sound of the french horns.  Instils the pure spirit of chivalry and glory.

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Beyond The Flames Of Hell

BPM 55:  Romantic, magic, full of passion. This epic track starts with a soft strings ensemble, followed by an angelic voice, and leads to an epic central part with choirs, french horns and staccato strings. A solo violin and flute, finish this magical journey to the sound of the harp.

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The Valley Of Gods And Heroes

BPM 74:  An epic and mystical adventure. A mysterious and energetic track with hybrid orchestra, perfect for TV, video games or trailers. Monumental choirs and french horns, mixed with a dynamic dubstep rythm, driven by the voice of a Goddess.

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Glorious Swords

BPM 90:  This is an epic track ! The battle rages, swords clash, armies are rushing towards each other to the sound of choirs, strings, drums, horns, trumpets, leading this epic ride to victory!  Perfect for a video game, or a trailer.

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Rising Star

BPM 90:  Intense trailer song. A building crescendo of angelic choirs and piano leading to a rock/orchestral section, building in intensity, emotion and high energy. Perfect for an intense trailer, full of passion.

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BPM 58:  An orchestral and patriotic mood, perfect for military trailer or film. Solenel horns and trumpets, a moment of grace with bass drums and majestic choirs, supported by an ample string ensemble. A poignant cinematic piece.

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