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October 9, 2012
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DaVinci Resolve and Cinema Camera Tutorial: Getting Started

Ready to jump into DaVinci Resolve color grading?  In this video tutorial, colorist Dan Moran shows off an ideal DaVinci workflow.

DaVinci ResolveIf you’re feeling intimated by DaVinci Resolve, fear no more.  This Resolve video tutorial will walk you through a post production workflow geared toward the Blackmagic user (Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Davinci Resolve).  Although Dan covers particulars about working with Blackmagic’s new Cinema Cam, there are plenty of take-aways that can be applied to working with any professional camera system.

The DaVinci Resolve tutorial starts by showing the best way to setup your project file and bring your footage into the app.  From there Dan digs deeper into working with RAW files, encoding files into an intermediate codec and adding and working with metadata.

Finally, you’ll get the basics of color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

For anyone interested in the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Resolve color grading, this is 20 minutes well spent!

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