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July 19, 2011
Royalty Free Music

Romantic / Wedding Royalty Free Music – Music Showcase

Looking for romantic music for your wedding video productions?

These 10 romantic royalty free tracks will make any wedding video production or slideshow shine!

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Finding Hope

By: Dan Phillipson

BPM 67: A beautiful and evocative ambient track made with piano and strings. Packed with emotion and with a cinematic feel to it.

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By: Ben Beiny

BPM 83: A feel good yet subtle piece, akin to Lost in Translation. Rhodes and piano come together with synths and light percussion as their backing.

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Here It Is

By: Dan Phillipson

BPM 125: A positive and uplifting pop/rock track with layered guitars, synths, bass and driving drums. Stirring and inspirational.

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By: Peter McIsaac Music

BPM 71: Powerful, moving and full of hope. Has a very cinematic feel and a very strong emotional impact. Piano, cello, drums and guitars. Inspiring and beautiful.

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Sweet Memories

By: Dan Phillipson

BPM 66: A poignant and sweet solo piano track that flows gently but evocatively from beginning to end. Nostalgic, quiet, hopeful, beautiful.

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Lovely Lisa

By: Alex Beaulieu

Lovely track, very soft and romantic. Gentle, sweet and soothing.

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Onwards Upwards

By: Heather Fenoughty

BPM 120: Piano and smooth, lyrical strings with an ethnic touch of duduk; melodic flute, clarinet and french horn, anticipatory section into a full, expansive, luscious string section. Hopeful, upbeat, joyful, optimistic.

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Cut Short

By: Capo Productions

BPM 66: Softer track with a very sweet blend of piano and orchestral strings, great drum rhythm. Slow, quiet, evocative music.

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I Dream Of Laura

By: Olive Musique

BPM 87: Dreamy, gentle and soothing feeling. Warm and reflective.

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Imagine Anything

By: Dan Phillipson

BPM 62: Flowing piano and soft background sounds make up this gentle and soothing ambient track. Elegant, delicate, nostalgic.

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