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August 30, 2012
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Music Showcase! The Best Royalty Free Dubstep Tracks

Dubstep Royalty Free Music Roundup

We’ve rounded up the very best royalty free dubstep tracks!  Discover how dubstep music can add intensity and excitement to your video projects!

The dark, sexy sound of dubstep is quickly gaining audiences around the world.  With powerful bass lines and reverb rich drums, dubstep is dynamic and intense – a perfect sound for adding energy to media projects.

The following tracks represent some of the very best royalty free dubstep music.  These energetic tracks are perfect for film and movie trailers, sports highlights reels, action sequences, party scenes or any youth and lifestyle programming.  Give ‘em a listen…and get the party started.

Black Dub

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 130  |  Huge bass, thunderous beat and catchy piano. This dubstep track will add instant drama and energy to any project. Powerful, trendy and young.  Great royalty free dubstep track for video intros, sports programming or fight sequences!

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5 AM

By SENBEI  |  BPM 142  |  Heavy and melodic!  California dubstep with powerful drum and bass lines.  Dark and intense.  Feels like a sexy dance party – a Premiumbeat favorite!

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By VINCENT TONE  |  BPM 140  |  Arpeggios, strong chords progressions, filtered catchy leads building into a dubstep-influenced bass heavy beat. Modern, energetic and eclectic.  Versatile royalty free dubstep track with a dark intensity.  Fits well with fashion and trendy lifestyle topics.

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Down The Road

By SENBEI  |  BPM 117  |  An epic electro track, somewhere between hip hop and house music. Trendy dubstep track in the style of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. or Daft Punk.  Modern and edgy.  Super sexy beats.

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Ghost Party

By SENBEI  |  BPM 145  |  Heavy drum kit with frightening leads and wobbles.  Has a eerie, ghostly vibe.  Give your film trailers or video projects a hard modern edge with this melodic royalty free dubstep track.

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South London

By JOSQUIN DES PRES  |  BPM 140  |  Dubstep track with heavy hard bass-line and syncopated rhythms.  Heavy urban vibes with a futuristic lean. Elements of breakbeat and dark drum and bass.  Dominant sub-bass and aggressive synth.  Experimental sounds of modern dubstep.

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Young And Restless

By VINCENT TONE  |  BPM 62  |  Starts upbeat and clean before digging into some heavy, bass-oriented dubstep beats.  Nice mix of traditional warbly raw beats and lighter electro.  Powerful and versatile stock dubstep track to punch up video and game projects.

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Time Travelers

By SENBEI  |  BPM 140  |  Heavy leads, dark drum & bass and just the right of melody.  Warbly beats and processed vocals.  Feels like stepping into a dark subterranean club.  Unique and intense.  This is royalty free dubstep music!

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By VINCENT TONE  |  BPM 130  |  This is the alpha-man anthem. A soundtrack for hardworkers.  Starts as modern rock ends in intense dubstep!  Confident guitar riffs with serious piano chords, building into an out-of-this-world, dubstep-like, highly energetic, guitars-filled sequence. Strength, endurance, hard labor and dust!  A versatile track, ideal for building energy in your projects.

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Next Step

By SENBEI  |  BPM 140  |  Old UK style dubstep with a heavy kick and snare.  An equally hard bassline kicks in for that trademark dubstep sound.  Super warbly, but consistent energy throughout.

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By SENBEI  |  BPM 140  |  You might mistake this royalty free dubstep music for a commercial track!  It’s catchy and has that big melodic dubstep sound that’s so popular right now.  Heavy bass lines and elements of house music.   Would be great for a slow motion sequence, fight scene, sports highlights, movie trailer or show open.

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