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September 27, 2012
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Music Showcase! The Best Royalty Free Jazz Music

Best Royalty Free Jazz Music

Discover some of the best royalty free jazz music for your game, video and media projects.  From classic big band to modern grooves, the following tracks represent a variety of cool jazz sounds.

As a leading element or background soundtrack, jazz music has the ability to create a unique tone in television, film and video.  It can feel romantic, upbeat and fun, or take you to a certain period in time.  We’ve rounded up some of the best royalty free jazz music in our catalog below, perfect for creating a mood in your own projects.

This showcase of our best jazz tracks encompasses a range of styles like the traditional sounds of dixie and festive jazz, up to more modern jazz beats.  Take a listen and see for yourself  how quality royalty free jazz music can enrich your media projects:

Place Des Arts

By OLIVE MUSIQUE | Elegant royalty free jazz track with a classy, delicate groove.  Traditional jazz piano and stylish drum with a Chicago/New York vibe.

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Where’s My Banjo?

By RIMSKY | BPM 200 | Joyful, dancing, colorful. Three banjos, melodica, tuba, horns, double bass, jazz drums and percussion.  A cartoon style jazz track with a distinctive party atmosphere.

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Benny’s Clarinet

By OLIVE MUSIQUE | BPM 107 | Classy and feel-good royalty free jazz music with a solo clarinet accompanied by a trio.  Elegant, romantic and mellow. In the styles of Benny Goodman or Woody Allen.

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Black Cabaret

By OLIVE MUSIQUE | BPM 118 | Upbeat and dynamite rhythmic track with brass, solid drums and percussion. Fast-pace, energetic and fun. Gives that cabaret feeling with a modern arrangement. Perfect for cabaret, burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse, ballroom or retro content.

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Off Broadway

By YANIS S. SOUSA | Traditional smooth waltz.  Cello, piano and a muted horn section highlight this royalty free jazz track.  Feels elegant and timeless.

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Happy Hour Blues

By OLIVE MUSIQUE | BPM 120 | Classic blues trio with piano, double bass and drums. Upbeat and playful.  This versatile track will give a fresh and classy vibe to any project.

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Crazy Adventures Of Banjo & Kazoo

By RIMSKY | BPM 85 | Hilarious, dancing, colorful. Cartoon style with a party atmosphere.  Sounds like a mad conversation between a Banjo and a Kazoo followed by a jazz street band.  This is fun royalty free jazz music!

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By YANIS S. SOUSA | BPM 84 | Sensual jazzy ballad. Soft, erotic, smooth. Late night feeling.  Great for a film noir project or period piece.  Has a mysterious ‘classic detective’ vibe.

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Tokyo Subway

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC | BPM 150 | Modern and fresh drum and bass track with jazz overtones.  Light and fast with an urban feeling. Imagine yourself in the middle of a sprawling, exotic and mysterious metropolis. Piano, drum, bass and synth.  Sounds like Four Tet.

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Basie’s Back In Town

By RICK IVANOFF | BPM 140 | A light and easy royalty free jazz track in the style of Count Basie. Basic quartet instruments play drums, stand-up bass, rhythm jazz guitar and piano. Leads are provided by piano in the second verse and trumpet in the third verse.

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French Kiss

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC | BPM 175 | Feel the French romance with this whimsical manouche / gypsy piece. Funny, cute and romantic. Guitar, vibraphone, accordeon and upright bass give a sweet and youthful feeling.  A distinctive royalty free jazz track.

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