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Music Showcase! Royalty Free Music for Apps & Games

Looking for stock music for your iOS or Android app? We’ve rounded up 10 great music tracks that will add punch to your apps & games!

Music for Apps and Games

Add pizazz to your mobile app, game or software with high quality royalty free music.  Check out this collection of premiumbeat tracks – a diverse selection of themes and styles to complement your software project.  The ideal music for Android and iOS apps (iPhone, iPad).

Premiumbeat’s Standard License covers the first 1,000 copies of any application!  Need extra coverage?  It’s easy to upgrade to a Mass Duplication license that will cover you up to 10,000 copies or unlimited.  The sky’s the limit!  Get more info on our licensing here.

Need sound effects for apps?  Check out our royalty free SFX collection.

Stock music for apps doesn’t have to be boring!   Instead music should bolster user engagement and add excitement    The right music can make all the difference in making your app a success!  Take a listen to these standout royalty tracks for apps or software projects.

8 Bit Music for iOS & Android Games

8 Bit Royalty Free Music

Give your project a retro vibe with this 8-bit royalty free music. The same sounds used to create favorite video games by Nintendo, Sega and Atari.


BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 128:  Quirky, fun and modern music for iOS and Android games. Synths, 8-bit sounds and piano.
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Play The Game

BY: MUSICALMAN  |  BPM 130:  Old school electronic music. Early 8-bit Nintendo sound with old chips. A nice melody on VL-1 chip.
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Raw 8 Bit

BY: SERGEI STERN  |  BPM 140:  Raw 8 bit sound of retro chip tune video games of 80′s era.  Music for flash animations or iOS or Android apps.
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Joyful Pixels : The Sequel

BY: LA CIGALE  |  BPM 200:  Very happy, bouncy and quirky 8-bit tune.  The perfect soundtrack to an iPad or tablet game with retro flair.
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Energetic Music for Racing Games

Racing Games

These dynamic and intense royalty free tracks will give energy and stamina to your racing themed game or app.  TONS of upbeat energy.


BY: CHRIS HAIGH  |  BPM 150:  Hard hitting and intense action packed track perfect for racing games or action focused apps.

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The Race For Action

BY: K-LO MUSIC  |  BPM 150:  Energetic and powerful action track with agressive guitars and huge drums.  Perfect music for Android or iOS games.

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Lust For Speed

BY: RIMSKY  |  BPM 200:  Upbeat, energetic, vibrant and powerful.  Perfect for any app or game related to speed, races, chases or sports.  High energy!

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BY: TODD PETERSEN  |  BPM 110:  Powerful and heavy track with agressive guitars and heavy riffs.  Brings action and energy to your app or game.

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Action Music for iOS & Android Apps

Music for Fantasy and Action Games

Whether you’re scoring a RPG game or an action packed first person shooter, these epic royalty free tracks will add excitement to your project.

Heroic Hollywood Trailer

BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 100:  Need music for an an RPG game?  This is your track.  Heroic and dramatic with an emotional ending.

Medieval Dubstep Trailer

BY: REAKTOR PRODUCTIONS  |  A blockbuster score with massive drums and ominous orchestra.  This music for apps is action packed!

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Guardians Of The Universe

BY: JAYSON ZAMBITO  |  BPM 128:  Big, heroic and epic trailer style track. Good for a theme song for your iPad, iPhone or Android based game.

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Heroic Theme

BY: INDIGO MUSIC  |  BPM 100:  Epic and stirring Hollywood theme. Perfect for games and apps that require a big, bold cinematic sound!

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BY: BAHATI KIRO  |  BPM 100:  Luscious string orchestra and layered brass.  Great for commercials, trailers or action/adventure games and software.

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