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February 15, 2013
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Music Showcase! Royalty Free Music for Sports & Action

Add power to your action or sports related videos and projects!  We’ve rounded up the best royalty free music to build energy and excitement.

Royalty Free Music Sports and Action

Looking for an intense music track for your sports montage?  Want a dynamic soundtrack for a fiery action scene?  In this music showcase, we’ve rounded up the best tracks to add excitement to your video and media projects.  Great for highlighting sports on television or as a soundtrack to an action-packed film scene, these energetic tracks deliver.

The right music is essential for drawing in your viewers and adding to the intensity of on-screen action.  Rather than distracting from the action, it should serve to support and bolster the intensity.  Premiumbeat has a cost-effective royalty free music license to fit your needs, whether you’re needing background music for a YouTube video or the soundtrack to an internationally distributed television program.  Get more info on our licensing here.

Now, take a listen to these these intense royalty free tracks and hear the difference they can make in your sports or action related program:

Royalty Free Rock & Electro Music for Action

Royalty Free Rock Music

This first set of royalty free tracks represent a range of rock and electronic styles.  Great for montages or background music for action programming.

BPM 150:  Hard hitting royalty free rock track, with huge burning guitar and explosive drums.  Intense and dramatic.

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Turn it to 11

BY: MAX BRODIE  |  BPM 141:  Extremely raw, live rock.  Great for showcasing stereotypical masculine subjects like action sports, beer and cars.

Knock You Out


BPM 97:  A heavy duty hip hop beat with strong, choppy guitar chords.  Aggressive and full on – a great stock music track for injecting energy.

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BPM 94:  Short track. Modern alternative royalty free rock. Guitars, bass, drums. Good for advertising – punchy and effective.

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BPM 200:  Upbeat, energetic, vibrant and powerful.  Perfect for anything related to speed, races, chases and high energy.

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BPM 174:  Hard hitting heavy rock track, featuring head banging riffs and pounding drums. Perfect for high energy action/adventure.

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BPM 130:  High-energy classic rock guitars meet modern pop production mixed with a dubstep flavor. Upbeat and pumping.

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BPM 166:  Energetic and bold punk rock!  Perfect for an aggressive sports montage.

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Intense Orchestral Stock Music for Action Sports

Classical Stock Music

This set of royalty free tracks represents the best modern orchestral styles.  Perfect music for a sports montage or action sports content.  Intensity!

BPM 156:  A fast paced fight scene with a heroic ending. Heavy brass hits and string ostinatos, with pulsating percussion and drums.

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BPM 90:  This is an epic royalty free track! The battle rages, swords clash, armies are rushing towards each other.  Perfect for a video game, or a trailer.

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BPM 120:  Huge building impacts.  Epic and cinematic track with full orchestra.  Perfect for intense sports and epic advertisements.

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BPM 138:  Dark, epic and mysterious with an intensive and progressive build up. A perfect blend of heavy rock band and orchestra.

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BPM 80:  Building tension and massive slams.  A perfect soundtrack to action, adventure and sports programming.

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BPM 120:  Colossal pounding distorted FX Horns, mammoth drums and Hollywood sound design.  Powerful and cinematic!

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