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May 3, 2013
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The Best Royalty Free Music for Training Videos

Make your training videos more engaging!  We’ve rounded up the very best music for training videos, to drive your projects and captivate your audience.

Music for Training Videos

Training videos tend to get a bad rap.  When many people think of training videos they think dull, fact-filled presentations with hilariously bad acting.  Well, times are changing.  Many companies are now focused on making creative training videos that are not only filled with useful, but are actually entertaining and engaging.  Using fresh music is one way that successful training videos are better connecting with today’s media savvy audience.

In this post, we’re showcasing the best modern royalty free music to drive your training media.  Each of these tracks is upbeat, positive and timeless.  Don’t date your training videos with cheesy music.  Ensure that it feels relevant and modern today…and into the future!

Each of the tracks below is available in a full length, as well as in :15, :30 and :60 second versions, perfect for creating opening musical bumpers or short web-based training videos.  Music for training videos is included with the Standard License – pay once for usage in multiple projects, without any additional fees in the future!

Royalty Free Feel Good Music for Training Videos

Feel Good Tracks

Happiness (No Vocals)

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC:  Happy, light and fun. This positive and easy going track piece will is great for training videos and corporate projects.

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Positive Day

By K-LO MUSIC:  Positive, uplifting and inspiring track with a feel good and happy vibe. Layered rhythmic guitar parts start slow and build up.

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By NICOLAS MAJOR:  Powerful, groovy and driving pop song with an inspiring chorus. Drum beat with pop electric guitar riff and electro bass groove.

A Funny, Sunny Day

By SHAUN FREARSON:  An uplifting, lively and memorable tune. This highly versatile track is perfect for visuals and audio with positive themes.

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Happy Cool Ukulele

By STUDIO LE BUS:  A happy tune with a catchy melody!  Positive and uplifting music to connect with your training video audience.

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In The Mood

By MARTIN RIOPEL:  Perfect for putting a positive vibe in a commercial or presentation. Featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, percussion, rhodes and claps.

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Royalty Free Rock Music for Training Videos

Positive Rock Tracks

Great Achievements

By RIMSKY:  Uplifting, high energy and powerful!  This elevating piece gives a feeling of accomplishment, success and a job well done.

Move With Me

By MAX BRODIE:  An uplifting track containing lots of positive melodies and a general feel good vibe, making your training videos more captivating.

Legacy Of Dreams

By DELICATE BEATS:  A very emotional, hopeful and uplifting hip hop song. Stadium rock guitar riff over a warm piano and crisp drums.

Future Days

By INDIGO MUSIC:  An uplifting and powerful indie rock track with swirling delayed guitars and a driving beat. Positive and emotional!

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Push On

By DAN PHILLIPSON:  Pop/rock with atmospheric guitars open, followed by an indie drum beat and a nice full sound. Upbeat and uplifting.

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A Star Filled Sky

By DNRTRACKS:  Exhilarating and elevating, this track will lift your spirit! A simple melody that will add positivity to your training videos.

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Restless Riders

By OLIVE MUSIQUE:  High-energy and powerful rock track with full band sound. Electric guitars, bass and drums work together to give a vintage sound.

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