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August 24, 2012
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Music Showcase! Royalty Free Trailer Music

Take hold of your audience with engaging royalty free trailer music!  Here’s 12 tracks to increase the impact of your film, game or book trailer.

Royalty Free Trailer Music

Want to give your trailer incredible emotional impact?  Using engaging and dynamic tracks will give your trailer more emotional depth and demand the attention of your audience.  Think about some of the most memorable action movies of all time…powerful soundtracks have been key to driving excitement, tension and drama!

The following royalty free music for trailers can kick charge your project for huge emotional impact!  From soaring and dramatic anthems that would be at home in a superhero story to eerie, hair raising tracks for horror themes, this royalty free music can give your game, film or book trailer project that big Hollywood sound!

Colossus Rising

By CHRIS HAIGH  |  BPM 120  |  A dramatic powerhouse of a track!  Colossal pounding distorted horns, mammoth drums and Hollywood sound design are the back drop to this action blockbuster trailer track.  Cinematic track perfect for sports, film trailers or any project that needs loads of power and suspense.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

By JAYSON ZAMBITO  |  BPM 160  |  Big, fast paced, Hollywood action trailer music. Superheros vs villains type piece.  Very Hans Zimmer inspired – sounds like it would be fitting in the Dark Knight trilogy.

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Epic Movie Trailer

By ROBERTO IGNIS  |  BPM 130  |  Great for action games, battle scenes or epic trailers.  Full orchestra and choir feel majestic and powerful.  Starts with great urgency and leads into more of a fanastical feeling.  A royalty free track fitting for a larger than life story.

Horror Trailer Percussion

By CHRIS HAIGH  |  BPM 120  |  This is the royalty free track for your horror movie trailer.  Edge of your seat impact!  Has that “Hollywood blockbuster” feel, with driving percussion and a dark, eerie feeling.  Build suspense and tension.  Great for Halloween content, chase scenes or highlighting intense action.  Explosive!

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Heroic Hollywood Trailer

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 100  |  Modern and refined sounding track for underscoring moving and powerful film trailers.  Feels emotional and cinematic, like overcoming odds or being victorious.  Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman inspired.

Epic Trailer

By HAIM MAZAR  |  BPM 110  |  Big drums, epic brass and a huge orchestra.   A fitting royalty free track for any dramatic or action oriented film trailers or games.  Builds up to the very end, with a stinger at the end that’s perfect for a title or “coming soon” message.

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Action Hollywood Trailer

By FRANCESCO D’ANDREA  |  BPM 120  |  This is trailer music!  All the elements are here: dramatic strings, building energy and a strong dramatic edge.  Also perfect for games or television programming.  Emotional and cinematic – sure to engage the audience.

Trailer Town

By ARTIRIA PRODUCTIONS  |  BPM 112  |  Intensity!  Sounds like a ticking time bomb.  Full of tension and suspense, this royalty free track would be fitting for trailers with adventure, espionage, mystery or crime themes.  Feelings of longing and passion.

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Dramatic Movie Trailer

BY JOEL MARTINSON  |  A powerful, moving intro to any movie, cinema score or dramatic advertisement. Begins with a strong beat and builds throughout the song, until the climax at the end.  Engaging royalty free trailer music.

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Superhero Hollywood Trailer

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 100  |  Epic and powerful trailer music. Great for any project that requires that “Hollywood sound”.  The piece starts with a very menacing string motif that builds and builds towards a powerful climax that is full of hope. Strong, emotional and high impact.  In the style of the Batman movies.

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Epic CounterStrike

By KEVIN WOODS  |  BPM 108  |  Modern cinematic trailer track – featuring spicatto strings, brass and a rugged percussion bed.  Intense and foreboding.  Great music for trailers or games with spy, action, battle or heist themes.  Dark and edgy, totally engaging.

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Monster Trailer

By MICCO PRODUCTIONS  |  BPM 160  |  Royalty free trailer music with an eerie and mysterious edge.  Runs a gamut of emotions from delicate strings to grand orchestral sweeps.  Versatile and complex.

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