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November 4, 2011
Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music: Jingle Bells – 20 Versions Available

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!

Jingle Bells is the most recognized Christmas song in the world. Everyone instantly identifies the Holiday Season when they hear it.

First song broadcast from space!
Jingle Bells is so well known that on December 16, 1965, astronauts aboard Gemini 6 played the following prank on Mission Control. They said they saw some kind of UFO with a pilot “wearing a red suit”. They then played “Jingle Bells” on a harmonica backed by sleigh bells.

For this Holiday Season we offer 20 royalty free versions of Jingle Bells!

Jingle Bells (Jazz)

By: Yanis S. Sousa

Classic Christmas music with a superb jazz interpretation. Bouncy, playful and vivacious.

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Jingle Bells (Cocktail Lounge)

By: Haim Mazar

BPM 80: Cocktail lounge version of this Christmas classic. Very warm and soothing jazzy mood. Perfect for piano bar ambiance, cocktail lounge, lobby bar music.

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Jingle Bells (Swing)

By: Lee Miller

BPM 164: Medium swing version of Jingle Bells featuring Vibes, Piano and Sleigh Bells. Gentle and easy.

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Jingle Bells (Samba)


BPM 95: Joyful, fun, Christmas Brazilian samba rythms make this Jingle Bells festive and popular.

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Jingle Bells (Ukulele)

By: Peter McIsaac Music

BPM 80: Feel the hawaiian punch with this Ukulele version of Jingle Bells. Mele Kalikimaka!

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Jingle Bells (Grandma’s Style)

By: Vinny Falcone

BPM 135: Funny Jingle Bells track, with cheesy organ. Classic Christmas music with a comedy twist.

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Jingle Bells (Indie Rock)

By: Tapuz Music

BPM 140: Rocking Bells for Christmas. Upbeat Indie Rock version of Jingle Bells. Lots of guitars, high energy track.

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Jingle Bells (World Beat)

By: Richard Desilets

BPM 100: Jingle Bells in a Gypsy style with a Cajun beat. Harmonium, Spanish solo and rhythm guitar, bass, flamenco steps, tubular bells, voices. Playful exotic fiesta.

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Jingle Bells (Funk Hip Hop)

By: The Hands Of Stone

BPM 93: Funk/Hip-Hop version of Jingle Bells. A new take on an old holiday classic, driven by Fender Rhodes, electric guitar and a funky bassline.

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Jingle Bells (Swing Style)

By: Chris Haigh

BPM 211: Upbeat and lively version of this Christmas classic. Swinging Rhythm, big band style orchestra and festive sleigh bells. Heartwarming pace, exciting, joyful, happy.

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Jingle Bells (Mellow)

By: Yanis S. Sousa

Orchestral soft interpratation of this classic Christmas Carol. Gentle, warm, easy.

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Jingle Bells (Techno)

By: Djridü

The classic Christmas carol with a techno sound. Light and charming.

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Jingle Bells (Ragtime)

By: Yanis S. Sousa

PBM 105 Funny and sweet piano solo of this favorite Christmas song. Light, playful and theatrical.

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Jingle Bells (Dixieland)

By: Yanis S. Sousa

BPM 242: Festive jazz version of this very popular Christmas song. Dixie band with trumpet, trombone, soprano saxophone, guitar, drums, sousaphone. Lively, spirited, joyous.

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Jingle Bells (Brass)

By: DnRtracks

BPM 100: Festive, joyful and upbeat version of this holiday favorite played with a brass choir and percussion. Reminiscent of days gone by with caroling done by a brass band.

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Jingle Bell (Jazz Guitar)

By: Nicolas Major

BPM 220: Traditional Christmas song, dynamic swing feel, happy and joyful mood. Bass, guitar, organ, drums, and percussion. Happy, energetic, elegant.

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Jingle Bells (Techno Trance)

By: North Pole Studio

BPM 130: The most popular Christmas song in the world in a fast Dance version. Funny, trippy, joyous.

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Jingle Bells (Hip Hop)

By: Hutchison

BPM 122: Funny playful version of the best known Christmas song. Happy and humorous.

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Jingle Bells (End Of The Party)

By: Yanis S. Sousa

BPM 120: Funny interpretation of this well loved Christmas song. With voices. Late night feeling. Joyous, playful and effervescent.

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Jingle Bells (Old Rock)

By: Josquin des Pres

BPM 138: A fun uplifting and rocking version of the Christmas classic. Soft rock, easy background music.

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