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December 7, 2011
Royalty Free Music

The New Classics: Royalty-Free Original Christmas Songs

Looking for modern Holiday songs for your media projects?  Check out our roundup of the best royalty free Christmas tracks!

Royalty Free Christmas Music

While the classic Christmas carols are indispensible in musically crafting a holiday mood, there are some great royalty-free original Christmas songs that can not only evoke the feeling of the holidays, but offer a breath of fresh air to seasonal productions. While using popular holiday music like Christmas carols is a great way to bring out the holiday mood, using original songs can be a great way to set your production apart from the rest and make a new classic all your own. Nowadays, the television holiday specials of the 1950s and 60s are considered classics, though at the time, they featured almost wholly original soundtracks. By not relying too heavily on the older Christmas songs, they were able to carve out a new place in the public consciousness and create some classic Christmas songs of their own at the same time.

In keeping with this concept, Premiumbeat features some of the best original Christmas music by top modern composers. There’s something special about hearing a song that can evoke holiday seasons past even on your first listen. Include one of these new classics in your holiday production and you’ll be sure to make a special place in the hearts of your audience for years to come.

1. Holiday Season

BY: SHAUN FREARSON  |  English musician and composer Shaun Frearson has created a truly classic tune with his composition “Holiday Season.” A perfect complement to any production seeking a festive spirit with an original tune, Holiday Season is an up-tempo number full of holiday cheer. track

2. Ghost Of Christmas Past

BY: HEATHER FENOUGHTY  |  Heather Fenoughty—another gifted composer who hails from the UK—brings us a different type of song with her creation “Ghost of Christmas Past.” This lush arrangement begins as a dark and haunting piece, slowly building until it bursts into a soaring and uplifting melody that is sure to warm any heart this Christmas season. track

3. Christmas Night (Jazzy)

BY: HAIM MAZAR  |  This wonderful addition to our library of original Christmas songs by acclaimed Hollywood-based composer Haim Mazar is nothing short of an instant classic. It’s the sort of tune that feels instantly familiar—evoking the classic 60s jazz style of Vince Guaraldi—yet completely original. If you want to add a sophisticated and stylish edge to your Christmas production, Christmas Night is the perfect track. track

4. A Touch Of Christmas

BY: LEVAN IORDANISHVILI  |  If it’s pure joyful whimsy you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this sparkling track by Los Angeles-based composer Levan Iordanishvili. A Touch of Christmas is a snappy tune that can evoke many classic Christmas scenes, from Santa’s workshop humming busily along, to a shopping trip in a bustling town center. It’s a versatile track that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. track

5. Snowflakes

BY: PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  Snowflakes is one of our original Christmas songs by veteran musician and composer Peter McIsaac. It’s a beautiful little tune that begins with acoustic guitar and glockenspiel before a soft cello accompaniment joins in. It has a tender and magical quality that makes it a truly remarkable addition to any Christmas production requiring a soft and emotive touch. track

6. Santa’s Helpers

BY: PAUL BARAKA  |  From the mind of composer Paul Baraka comes this delightful tune, a rollicking up-tempo holiday jam. Santa’s Helpers instantly brings to mind classic Christmas fun in a swinging 4/4 time. Whether scoring a scene of frantic holiday shopping, a sledding adventure or Santa’s elves busily racing to and fro, Santa’s Helpers is a perfect accompaniment! track

7. A Rock’n'Rollin’ Vintage Christmas

BY: SHAUN FREARSON  |  The brilliant English composer and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Frearson is once again doing that thing he does so well with a wonderful vintage-sounding Christmas jam. Scored with authentic-sounding retro instrumentation, this original tune brings to mind the golden era of early-60s rock n’ roll. Snappy Merseybeat drums are accented by sleighbells while a smooth tube-driven electric guitar line carries the melody. track

8. Desperate Elves

BY: DAVID HAMILTON  |  One of our youngest composers, David Hamilton boasts an impressive set of qualifications including a Bachelor of Music in Composition for Film and Television degree with highest honors from Northwestern University and a Master of Music in Film Scoring from New York University. His composition Desperate Elves illustrates perfectly why our original Christmas songs are such unbelievable finds. Done in a lush orchestral style reminiscent of Danny Elfman, Desperate Elves would sound right at home on any major Hollywood feature film soundtrack. Sweeping strings swirl around each other mysteriously before sliding into a mischievous pizzicato break—creating a magical journey perfect for any holiday project. track

9. Jazz Trio Ballade

BY: HAIM MAZAR  |  Haim Mazar proves yet again that as a composer of instantly classic smooth jazz numbers, he’s all in.  His piano-driven tune Jazz Trio Ballade is gently reflective—perfectly evoking the sentimental side of the holiday season with just the right touch of mid-century modernity. Gentle jazz percussion shuffles along—accompanied by a swinging fretless bass—providing the perfect backdrop for an iconic piano melody that sounds as if it could be right out of a smoky 60s jazz club. If you want to set your holiday production apart with an authentic and classic-sounding jazz original, it’s hard to beat the work of Haim Mazar. track

10. Take A Sleigh Ride

BY: PHIL GARDINER  |  The accomplished English pianist Phil Gardiner brings us this triumphant holiday number—an up-tempo celebration that brings to mind all the fun and magic of Christmastime. For children and children-at-heart, this snappy tune evokes a feeling of fun and wonderment with jubilant horns soaring over strings and sleighbells. track


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