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October 4, 2012
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TV Commercial Music Showcase – The Best Upbeat Tracks

Looking for positive and engaging music for your TV advertisements?  In this post, we’ve rounded up the best tracks to give your television advertising an upbeat and contemporary feeling.

TV Advertising Music

Engage your advertising audience with positive tunes!  In this showcase, we’ve featured the best upbeat music for TV advertising campaigns and online product videos.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill stock music.  From quirky mandolin driven folk to more funky, upbeat pop-rock, each of these contemporary tracks puts forth fresh and confident vibes to showcase your product in a stimulating way,   For convenience, these tracks each come in a 15, 30 and 60 version so they’re already timed out to the duration of standard television commercial spots.

If you’re looking for TV commercial music give these royalty free tracks a listen and hear how they can increase the impact of your advertising:

Bring Me Up

By NICOLAS MAJOR  |  BPM 135:  Cheerful, fun and positive pop song. Groove and melody that brings a great vibe and a ton of energy. Electric guitar riff, groovy bass, dance drum beat, electro FX, and a catchy synth melody.  Great track for television advertising geared at a young, hip audience.

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Not A Care In The World

By EMMETT COOKE  |  BPM 125:  Happy and upbeat, this track is very cheerful and carefree. Ukulele, piano, drums, glockenspiel, xylophone and claps all come together to create a joyful and light mood.  TV commercial music that is lighthearted and carefree – appeals to a female audience.

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Come Tonight

By JOE SACCO  |  BPM 126:  Upbeat dance track with funky guitars and sexy beats. Features synthesizers and strings that gives a stimulating edgy flair.  Totally hip and youthful.  Would be ideal for lifestyle commercials geared at a youthful or urban audience.

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Little Ukulele Adventure

By JULIAN BELL  |  BPM 105:  Exciting and inspiring ukulele mandolin driven track with earthy and organic piano powered by dramatic drums. Contains violins, strings, African drums, percussion, clap, tambourines and upright acoustic double bass.  Happy, upbeat, dramatic and positive in nature.  Positive and versatile television or online advertising track.

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Baby Steps

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 165:  This feel good track will put a smile on your face while tugging at the heart. Gentle, emotional and cute. Acoustic guitars, mandolin and glockenspiel. Great music for television advertising that is child or family related.

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Never Feel Lonely

By MAX BRODIE  |  BPM 124:  A feel good Nu-Folk track featuring banjo, ukulele, glockenspiel and just about everything else quirky and acoustic. A definite feeling of progression throughout, ending with an uplifting section featuring lots of percussion.  Fresh vibes!

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By NICOLAS MAJOR  |  BPM 180:  Positive, happy and feel good song. Bring a smile to your face.  Classical guitar, ukulele, bells, drums, bass and percussion.  Versatile track that feels at home in upbeat television advertising campaigns.

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Happy Song

By JULIAN BELL  |  BPM 132:  Upbeat, fun, fresh and joyful. Featuring guitars, synths, pianos, drums, strings and melodic whistling. Happy Song is versatile, energetic, vigorous and youthful.  A youthful and energetic royalty free track ideal for content geared at a young and fashionable audience.

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Baby Face

By OLIVE MUSIQUE  |  BPM 140:  Happy and uptempo modern track with a piano-glock melody and solid rhythm section. Smiley, cute and bouncy. Perfect music for TV advertising that deals with kids, babies or comedy.

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Happy Little Moments

By JULIAN BELL  |  BPM 133:  Smoking hot guitars, ukulele and mandolin with groovy piano and lush vocals under a solid drum beat. Happy Little Moments embodies feeling of happiness and fun.

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Fun Times

By PETER MCISAAC MUSIC  |  BPM 103:  Funny, cute and happy. This feel good song is sure to put a smile on your face. Acoustic guitars, whistling and percussion. Lively, sunny and uptempo.  Clean, fresh feeling works for a variety of television and online advertising campaigns.

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Only Human

By OLIVE MUSIQUE  |  BPM 125:  Emotional, upbeat and uplifting with a touch of smile. Sequential strings, ukulele, celeste, acoustic guitars and electronic rhythm section. Lively, sparkling and warm.  Ideal for human interest or financial related TV advertising.

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