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August 12, 2013
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Video Tutorial: Advanced Paths in Adobe After Effects

Learn the basics of working with paths in After Effects to add visual interest to your video projects!

Advanced After Effects

In the following video tutorial our friend Kevin P. McAuliffe, for, demonstrates a few essentials for working with paths in After Effects.  Kevin starts with some basics (shapes and strokes) and then get’s into more advanced paths in AE, creating complex paths and attaching elements to them.

Highlights of the tutorial include:

  • Adding strokes to paths
  • Adding effects to stroke (ex. Vegas)
  • Using shape layers to create text paths in After Effects
  • Adding motion blur to text paths
  • Creating paths with motion sketching
  • Using smoother to simplify and smooth keyframes

Knowing how to create and work with paths in After Effects may save you the trouble of manually key framing complex animation.

Thanks Kevin & Creative Cow for sharing!

Check out the Advanced Paths in After Effects tutorial:

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