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Video Tutorial: Creating Lower Thirds with AutoTitler in Avid Marquee

Tap into the extreme power of Avid Marquee’s AutoTitler, and create your entire show’s lower third titles in moments!

The AutoTitler tool within Avid Marquee (Avid Media Composer’s titling and graphics program) allows you to use a plain text document to generate dozens, or even hundreds, of lower thirds using a preset or customized title template.  This is by far one of the most powerful features within Avid Marquee!


This Avid Marquee video tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Create an Avid title template, and appropriately set it up in preparation for use with AutoTitler
  • Create a plain text document with the proper specs for use with AutoTitler
  • Run the AutoTitler
  • Save generated titles to the Avid bin

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  • Chip Dizárd

    Thanks for that tutorial Ashley. Keep up the good work on the site. I have watched and learned Avid from many of your tuts! Cheers.

    • Ashley Kennedy

      Thank you for your comments, Chip! I’m so glad that you’re getting a lot out of them. Happy editing!

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