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November 15, 2012
Video Production

Which Wireless Mic is Best?

If you’re in the market for a new microphone kit or simply want to learn more about your own wireless mic setup, check out this informative video comparing four of the leading brands/models.

Dave Dugdale Microphone Review

Premiumbeat pal Dave Dugdale, at, has recently released a through comparison of four of the most popular professional wireless microphone kits.  In this comparison video Dave reviews the microphones, testing sound quality, field performance and more.  Dave test includes using the mics with DSLR cameras, turning the pre-amp down to best determine which mic provides the best signal.  Highlights of the video include:

  • Sennheister G3 review
  • Sony UWP review
  • Shure FP review
  • Azden 330 review

A worthwhile watch for both DSLR shooters as well as professional sound technicians.  See which wireless microphone stands up best to Dave’s rigorous testing – and is touted as the best value based on performance and quality.

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  • Mike User

    Anyone with and old “non digital dividend” wireless system can now trade-in for a new JTS Wireless Digital Dividend system at 30% off RRP. see the below link or more info.

  • Dan Gable

    I am a sound man. Appreciate your video, well done. However, I have long experience on the Sennheiser G2. Only complaint IS the input 1/8 inch input jack. It wears out easily. The basic construction of that type jack only has one spring contact point on each of the two circuits on the end of the plug peice, and when the temper of those contacts is lost, you will progressively try to make contact by tightening down on that retainer, but eventually the jack will have to be replaced. On the other hand, the miniature 3-pin plug and jack on the Shure’s socket pins are designed like aviation connectors (multiple contacts wiping the plug contact surface). And that plug is replaceable. Switchcraft makes it. I have an outdoor mic job the G2 is need for, so tomorrow I will be opening the case and replacing that jack.
    Daniel.Gable Systems Engineer, Elbit

    • Michael Cornell

      Another easy fix for that 3.5mm audio input jack is to simply re-bend the levered “ring” (tip-ring-sleeve) back towards the centre of the opening. I do this all the time with worn input jacks… some of them do not have the free-floating lever and this cannot be done, resoldering a new input would be your only other course of action as mentioned above. Oh! I use a dental pick (dental instrument) to grab the little lever, careful though, it will snap if you use excessive force or do this many times (metal fatigue). :D

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  • Bogdan

    Apparently there are a few different versions of a G3 ! E 100, 120… (!?) which one is the real one!? And sins it is almost 2014 is it still the good one?

  • Michael Cornell

    I will say the Shure SLX 4 (comparable to SHURE FP) is not a fantastic unit all around. Plastic body, no LED or LCD screen, difficult gain adjustment, EASY access to the -10 / 0 / MIC switch which users often fiddle with after all your work has been done. We also have experienced a high volume of drop outs in a controlled environment. I have to get rid of these units and move to a much more robust unit. They work 90% of the time, certainly not a mission critical device on which you can rely.

  • Sounds511

    I need a devise that will allow two people to speak at the same time, like these two on this video. I assume they use two separate units- which would cost twice. Is there a good unit that will allow two mics to work on one receiver/transmitter? I would prefer lapel mics rather than a hand held or both.

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