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easy-to-use Flash Slideshow Player

Flash Slideshow Player Features

  • Simple detailed installation instructions
  • Customizable colors
  • Fully resizable
  • Fully dynamic XML Playlist
  • Optional scrollable thumbnails navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled
    • Spacebar key to play / pause
    • Left / right arrow keys for next / previous
    • Esc key for fullscreen mode

View our Installation guide for easy instructions.

How to Install this Flash slideshow Player

Download the FREE version or buy the unbranded version of this media player. Uncompress the provided zip file to a folder.

Open sampleEmbedJavascript.html in your html editor, copy the embed code provided and paste it into your own html page.

Edit the xml playlist with a text editor like notepad or HTML editor like Dreamweaver and add as many photos as you like.

Upload OriginalSlideshow.swf and playlist.xml to your web server.

Change the playlistXmlPath parameter in the embed code to point to your xml playlist location on your server. Also make sure you change the player swf path to reflect its location on the web server.

Installation Notes / Tips


If you are having problems installing this media player, the first thing to try is using absolute paths instead of relative paths. For example,

Instead of using a relative path like below

options.playlistXmlPath = "playlist.xml"

Use a full absolute path:

options.playlistXmlPath = "http://www.yoursite.com/playlist.xml"


An XML playlist is essentially structured data in text format. In order to edit a playlist you need to open it with a simple text editor like notepad or an HTML editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

Do not edit xml files with Microsoft Word as it tends to add a lot of unwanted elements to the file rendering it unusable by the media player.

Every photo in the playlist is represented by the block of text below, copy/paste as many as needed into your xml file to build your playlist.

If you don't need thumbnails, titles or descriptions, simply delete these lines.

<title>This is an optional caption</title>
<description>This is an optional description</description>

Embedding methods

You'll notice there are three different sample embed html files in the provided zip package:

The most common and recommended way to embed your flash media player.

This html file includes the code required to embed multiple players in one page.

The object method is an alternative method of embedding which does not require the use of javascript.

Need more help?

Visit our forum and check out the FAQ.

Customization Wizard

You can easily generate your customized embed code with our Customization Wizard

Customization parameters

You can also manualy customize the appearance and behavior of our flash media players by adding / modifying embed parameters

autoPlay Automatically starts playing when the player loads
Accepted values: true or false
ex: options.autoPlay = "true";
firstColor Changes the primary color of the flash music player
Accepted values: Any hexadecimal color value
ex: options.firstColor = "#000000";
secondColor Changes the secondary color of the flash music player
Accepted values: Any hexadecimal color value
ex: options.secondColor = "#ffffff";
backColor Changes the background color of the flash music player
Accepted values: Any hexadecimal color value
ex: options.backColor = "#ffffff";
highlightAlpha Changes the opacity of gradients in the flash music player
Accepted values: Any number between 0 and 100
ex: options.hightlightAlpha = "50";
playlistXmlPath Path to the XML playlist
Accepted values: Any relative or absolute path to an xml playlist
ex: options.mediaPath = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/playlist.xml";
stretching Sets the stretching mode of the media
Accepted values: none,uniform,exactfit,fill
ex: options.stretching = "uniform";
autoHide Automatically hides the player controls when there's no interaction
Accepted values: true or false
ex: options.autoHide = "false";
transitionTime Defines the time it takes for a transition to take place
Accepted values: Any number in seconds
ex: options.autoHide = 1;
transitionType Defines the type of transition between images
Accepted values: none,fade,slide,brightness
ex: options.transitionType = "fade";
transitionDelay Defines the exposure time of each image while the slideshow is running
Accepted values: Any number in seconds
ex: options.transitionDelay = "false";
loopPlayback Automatically restarts playing the playlist when it reaches the end
Accepted values: true or false
ex: options.loopPlayback = "true";
thumbnailsNavWidth Sets the width of the thumbnail navigation
Accepted values: Any width in pixels
ex: options.thumbnailsNavWidth = 400;
showThumbnailsNav Whether you want to show the thumbnail navigation
Accepted values: true or false
ex: options.showThumbnailsNav = "true";
thumbnailWidth Defines the width of individual thumbnails
Accepted values: Any width in pixels
ex: options.thumbnailWidth = 60;
thumbnailHeight Defines the height of individual thumbnails
Accepted values: Any height in pixels
ex: options.thumbnailHeight = 40;


Please visit our forum to ask your questions or leave comments about our products. For further assistance contact us at [email protected]


How do I modify the media players parameters?

To modify the parameters of the media players, you need to modify or add options to the embed code. For example, if you wanted to change the background and buttons colors of the flash mp3 player to black, you would add / edit the backColor, firstColor and secondColor options.

View sample code >>

Do I get the player .fla with my purchase?

No, we do not sell the .fla files of our players, we do however provide customizable .swf files. The Adobe Flash Authoring software is not needed to customize the players.

What is the license agreement when I buy your media players?

You can find the licence agreement here

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