Sound effect: Composition metallic hits swell

Sound FX description: composition metallic hits swell production element imaging element accent transition

Play sound effect (15.1 sec.)
composition metallic hits swell production element
* This sfx is available for download in wav and mp3 format

This sound Effect is also part of the following category(ies):

Related sound effects:

Composition hit delay reverse swell (5 sec.)
composition hit delay reverse swell production ele
Composition metal hits reverb (15 sec.)
composition metal hits reverb production element i
Composition bed dark metallic (99.2 sec.)
composition bed dark metallic glitches bass hits p
Composition bed metallic sweeper (26.9 sec.)
composition bed metallic sweeper reverse cymbal hi
Composition hit filter (3 sec.)
composition hit filter delay production element im
Feedback metallic swells (3.8 sec.)
feedback metallic swells production element imagin

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