Choppers | Sound Effects

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Chopper click burst (0.4 sec.)
chopper click burst production element imaging ele
Chopper descend (4.6 sec.)
chopper descend filter reverb production element i
Chopper digital distortion (1 sec.)
chopper digital distortion dip production element
Chopper hard record scratch (0.6 sec.)
chopper hard flange record scratch production elem
Chopper long delay (7.4 sec.)
chopper long delay reverb production element imagi
Chopper static chirp (1.2 sec.)
chopper static chirp ascend production element ima
Chopper stereo sweep (1 sec.)
chopper stereo sweep production element imaging el
Electrical fast chopper (14.2 sec.)
electrical fast chopper digital hum production ele
Production element chopper delay (4.3 sec.)
chopper delay pan production element imaging eleme
Production element chopper digita 2 (2.3 sec.)
chopper digital static pan production element imag
Production element chopper distor (1.2 sec.)
chopper distortion descend production element imag
Production element chopper pan (2.2 sec.)
chopper pan airy flange production element imaging
Production element hit burst shim (3.1 sec.)
hit burst shimmer chopper production element imagi
Production element sweeper 4 (5.9 sec.)
sweeper scanner chopper swell production element i
Production element sweeper choppe (3.3 sec.)
sweeper chopper pan swirl production element imagi

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