Risers | Sound Effects

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Dark Trailer Riser Short 1 (11 sec.)
Metallic drone scraping strings Piano Glissando
Dark Trailer Riser Short 2 (10 sec.)
Building Rising Bell chime hit
Dark Trailer Riser Short 3 (9 sec.)
Reversed Choir rise Instant string rise Metallic S
Dark Trailer Riser Short 4 (10 sec.)
Rising Brass crescendo Brass rips cymbal hit
Dark Trailer Riser Short 5 (11.5 sec.)
Robotic FX rise Male chant stab Futuristic Doom
Trailer Action Riser 1 (17 sec.)
Rising Strings Staccato Chugging rising Tension
Trailer Action Riser 2 (23.5 sec.)
Pounding Percussion String Rise Huge Impact Choir
Trailer Bell Riser (16.5 sec.)
Metallic Bell Rising Tension Whoosh Distorted Tone
Trailer Orchestral Brass Riser (9.5 sec.)
Brass Textures rising Brass Rips Horrific Action
Trailer Rock Riser (9 sec.)
Guitars Bass Drum Kit Rocking Action building Anti
Trailer Screeching Riser 1 (18.5 sec.)
Screeching High Strings Bouncing tickling strings
Trailer screeching Riser 2 (19 sec.)
Screeching High Strings Bouncing tickling strings

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