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12 Drawings A Day – Creative Animation

Danny Greer

12 frames of animation were drawn each day over several years to produce this creative and inspirational video!

Take a look into the creative mind of French animator Denis Chapon in this magical video project.  Chapon started drawing frames of animation without any end goal or agenda in mind…and continued every day for the next three years!  Using the last 3 frames from the day before, Chapon would add 12 frames (equal to 1 second) each day.

All of the drawings were done on scrap paper in permanent ink, so nothing could be changed or modified.  Chapon is a talented animator, to say the least, but the thing most intriguing about this project is how the animated scenes meld and segue into one another – really brilliant work.  The compiled video effectively utilizes sound effects to enrich and reinforce the animated scenes.

12 Drawings A Day is a three year creative brainstorming session, with brilliant results.  Watch full screen: