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Over 120 Free Sound Effects for Videos, Apps, Films, and Games

Michael Maher

Download over 120 free sound effects, and use them in any commercial or personal projects! Explore these collections and get your free SFX packs now.

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Do you need some free sound effects for a video you’re working on or an app you’re developing? We’ve rounded up all of our best free packs for you to download now — no matter what you’re working on.

What’s the catch? Nothing. No catch. You are free to use all of these sound effects in any commercial or personal projectYou only agree not to resell or redistribute these free sound effects. That’s it!

Find the right free sound effects pack you need below, then simply click the button to visit the proper page to download each free SFX pack.

20 Free Movie Trailer Sound Effects

When we first curated this pack of 20 free epic movie trailer sound effects, we wanted to help video editors of all levels create great movie trailers. We never imagined the tremendous response we’d get from readers like you!

We have heard these elements in countless videos to date, and we can’t wait for you to share your next epic trailer with us. This pack of free trailer SFX includes sweeps, risers, slams, and intense atmospheres. Visit the page to get a copy of the twenty free trailer sound effects pack by clicking the button below.

Get Free Movie Trailer SFX

10 Free Glitch Sounds Effects

In this pack of digital glitch sound effects from RocketStock, you’ll get ten free distortion SFX to accentuate your corrupted visuals. If you’re looking for glitch effects and transitions, be sure to check out RocketStock’s Corruption pack with 120 glitch and distortion elements.

Click the button below to visit the RocketStock site for the ten free sound effects.

Get Free Glitch SFX

25 Free Explosion SFX + 15 Free Fireballs

Things get explosive with this big pack of 25 free explosion sound effects and 15 free video elements. The free Detonate pack includes blasts, bombs, mine explosions, and grenades.

You can download all 40 free sound effects and explosion elements by clicking the link below.

Get Free Explosion SFX

30 Free Horror SFX

This curated collection of thirty free horror sound effects is perfect for any horror filmmaker. The free horror SFX pack includes risers, blood and guts, whispers, screeches, slams, and more.

Click the button below to visit the RocketStock page with the thirty free horror SFX pack.

Get Free Horror SFX

15 Free Ambient Atmosphere SFX

Establish a scene with these 15 free ambient sound effects. Whether the action takes place near a busy street or quiet forest, this pack has plenty of punch to set the mood.

The free ambient SFX pack includes background noises like birds, streets, coffee shops, electric hums, forests, waves, storms, and more. Get a copy now by clicking the button below.

Get Free Ambient SFX

29 Free Computer HUD SFX

Sci-Fi UI is a curated collection of twenty-nine free futuristic sound effects. The free SFX pack includes cursor clicks, alarms, beeps, scanners, and keypads. We selected these sound effects to complement the incredibly easy-to-use HUD elements in the RocketStock Interface pack. Interface includes over 400 HUD and display elements for any type of project.

You can download the 29 free computer sound effects by clicking on the link below.

Get Free Sci-Fi SFX

Hope these free SFX packs come in handy. Best of luck with your project!

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