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25 Excellent Post-Production and Video Editing iPhone and iPad Apps

Danny Greer

In this post we’ve rounded up the best post-production and video editing related apps for iPhone and iPad. Speed up your edits, get professional training and track your time…all from your phone!



Playhead – $2.99

Playhead acts as a remote controller for Final Cut Pro 7.  Connect with your computer via Wi-Fi and stop, play, fast-forward, rewind or advance frame by frame through your project’s timeline.  One highlight of the app is the ability to add markers to your sequence…great for doing project reviews with clients in-house!

Editmote – $4.99

Created by Digital Rebellion, post-production software pros, Editmote works in much the same way as Playhead.  Use your iPad or iPhone as a remote to control playback in your FCP project timelines.  Editmote also gives you the ability to set in and outs in your timeline and adjust the audio volume of playback.  Put this app on your iPad and it’s perfect for giving clients control during screenings!

AirGrade – Free

AirGrade is a color correction surface for iPhone and iPad.  AirGrade allows you to create grades using the digital control surface.  Pair AirGrade up with the AirGrade Engine (a free application) and you’ll see real time grading on your computer monitor.  Once you find a grade that you like, simply save it to the ASC format and apply that file information to your footage in any pro color correction application.



time:calc – $1.99

Time calc is a calculator, that aside from doing traditional calc functions, will also calculate timecode.  The ability to calculate hours:minutes:seconds:frames is handy for working in post.

Aspect Ratio Calc – $1.99

Quickly locate video aspect ratios and their corresponding pixel sizes.  The app comes preloaded with many common film and video formats and ratios.  Handy when resizing pictures for use in video projects!  Anyone working outside of standard aspect ratios could really benefit from the convenience of this app!


Film Rate Calc – $1.99

Film shooter?  This calculator app will quickly determine how many feet of film you will need for your project based on the amount of time you plan to shoot.  Just dial in the file format, frame rate and shooting duration!

JumpStart LTC – $19.99

JumpStart is a unique app that will jam timecode of an external recording device (deck, camera, etc).   Connect your phone to the “TimeCode In” on your device and use the application to set the TC for whatever you’d like…even resume from a previous timecode!  $19.99 is on the high-end for an iPhone/iPad app, but having this function could mean big time savings (and money savings) out in the field!


This full featured calculator was created specifically for post-production use.  Calculate frames, footage and timecode.  A great price on a handy (yet simple) video editing calculator.

Technicolor – Free

Technicolor’s app performs two unique functions specific to calculating your video footage.  Use the “film” function to determine how many feet of film (based on what type of film) will equal in terms of running time. The “data calculator” may be the highlight of this app.  Use it to calculate file size of all major codecs (including Apple and AVID proprietary codecs).  Know how much storage you’ll need for your project before you ingest it!  Best of all, it’s FREE.


Final Cut Pro Field Guide – $3.99

Banging your head against your desk, stuck on how to get something to work in Final Cut Pro?  This is the app for you.  It’s full of troubleshooting tips and tricks for FCP, including workflows, common problems and shortcuts.  Great app for any FCP editor to keep at the ready!  Note: this app was written soley for FCP 6/7 and does not cover Final Cut Pro X.

Pro Video Guide – $2.99

Moviola, makers of the above FCP Field Guide, also have a terrific app that covers a wide variety of video and filmmaking topics.  The “Pro Video Guide” covers formats, resolutions, aspect ratios, cameras and a slew of other production and post related topics.  Get answers to frequently asked questions and improve your technical knowledge!

iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7 – $2.99

This is THE FCP shortcut app.  Full fledged search of 840 Final Cut Pro commands!  The app excels in the ability to tag shortcuts as “favorites” and organize them by priority.  Now it’s easier than ever to remember the ones you want to start incorporating into your edits!  Created by post training pro Diana Weynard, this is one app that’ll really step up your technical editings skills!  Note: this app is specific to FCP7.


MPV’s Final Cut Studio Pro Workflows – Free

One of the great features of Final Cut Studio was the ability to “round trip” aspects of your project from the different applications in the suite (DVD Studio Pro, Color, Motion, Soundtrack and FCP).  In this app you’ll learn how to complete specific tasks in each application (such as how to create lower thirds in Motion or authoring a DVD in DVD Studio Pro), as well as the best way to move your projects through the Final Cut Studio workflow.

MPV’s Final Cut Pro 101 Tutorials – $9.99

MacProVideo.com tackles all the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro 7 in this video training app.  From the basics (like importing in footage) to more advanced techniques (such as compositing) this app has it all covered.  Users have noted that it’s a high quality iPhone / iPad app that’s “well worth the money!”

MPV’s Final Cut Pro X Training App Series – Free / $9.99

MPV has released a series of apps specifically for the Final Cut Pro X video editing software.  With a total redesign of the application get a leg up with these comprehensive tutorial videos.  Each app is a video series geared around a specific element of FCPX (examples include Color Correction Techniques and Working with Audio).

Digital Production BuZZ – $4.99

Mr Final Cut Pro, Larry Jordan, shares some post production tips in this training app.  He covers some of the fundamentals of technical video production (aspect ratios, formats, etc) in over 3 hours of instruction.  Great info for the beginner or a refresher for the industry veteran.


Just Log It! – $4.99

Great for reviewing your edits, this logging app provides a quick way to jot down notes while automatically adding timecode information.  Just start the timer on the app at the same time you start playback in your timeline…then jot away.  Although the app is both iPhone and iPad compatible, this is one that definitely seems to work most effectively on the tablet.

TCoder – Professional Logs – $3.99

Similar to “Just Log It”, TCoder is designed for radio and TV journalists as they take notes during live presentations, press conferences or interviews.  Email your notes right from the app!  Also includes the ability to search your notes for specific words or phrases.  A big timesaver in both production and post!

Cut Notes – $7.99

Created by Digital Rebellion, makers of quality post production applications, Cut Notes is designed to simply the process of taking notes during film and video screenings.  In the app you can designate Note Keys for the notes that you make most often (ex audio spike, bad take, etc).  Never take your eyes of the footage during review, just tap the appropriate note key.  After review you can import all of the notes as a marker list in both FCP and AVID…making it a perfect app for working in an editing environment.


Producer – $19.99

Producer is the premier iPhone and iPad app specifically geared toward film and video project management.  Build crew lists, maintain budgets and set shooting dates.  When it comes time for post, use Producer to create your editing schedule and track approvals!

TimeTracker – $4.99

Manage your time and track which projects you work on (and for what clients) using this handy app.  No more guessing when it comes time to bill for your post-production work!  Use the Quick Start button to quickly log your hours in real time…and then export out a list of all your time.

HoursTracker – Time Sheet – $2.99

Like TimeTracker, HoursTracker is a popular time logging application that can easily be used to track your editing work.  Get an overview of your editing jobs by tracking and then looking at the week or month view.  Use the timers to log hours in real time, or go back after the fact and enter them manually.  Effectively bill your editing clients for actual time worked!



ProPrompter – $9.99

This successful app turns any iPad (and iPhone – notwithstanding it’s small size) into an effective teleprompter.  Set the prompter to automatically scroll or pair up another iOS device to use it as a wireless enhanced Bluetooth remote!  ProPrompter allows you to import files directly from Word, so no need to cut and paste.  Much of the same functionality as a full fledged prompter, but at a fraction of the price.

CollabraCam: Collaborative Mobile Multicam – $5.99

Turn multiple iPhones or iPads into a mobile multicam production setup!  Download the app to multiple devices to act as the cameras.  With an additional iOS device (probably iPad), download the app and make it the switcher.  Now, the images from each cam are streamed to the switcher where the video can be cut in real time!  The application also let’s the switcher send directing cues to each of the “cams” during the live shoot.  So many possibilities for this unique app!

Movie★Slate – $24.99

Perfect for use on an iPad, MovieSlate is a full featured clapperboard and production slate.  Set custom timecode and even sync the timecode with an external camera or sound recorder.  In addition to being a powerful slate, the app also allows you to take shot notes while recording timecode information.  This is one app you’ll want to have on set!

Do you use a post-production app that didn’t make it on the list?
We want to hear from you in the comments!