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Fun 3D Transitions for FCPX

Danny Greer

Idustrial Revolution, maker of plugins and filters for Final Cut Pro X, releases XEffects 3D Transitions. Check out these effects and see how they can make your FCPX projects more dynamic!

Final Cut Pro X

If you’re looking to spice up your Final Cut Pro X projects the new transition pack from Idustrial Revolution might do the trick.  XEffects 3D Transitions contains 24 transition effects that move your footage through simulated 3D space.  Created in Motion and packaged for FCPX, each of these transitions has modifiable camera controls so you can adjust focal length and depth of field.

Check out this video to see each of the FCPX transitions in the 3D Transitions effects pack:

Some of the transitions may be a bit ‘over-the-top’ for everyday use (like the amateur status page peel) but for promos, highlight reels or other snappy videos, these effects can make your FCPX project more dynamic and engaging.

Download the 3D Transition pack for FCPX from idustrial revolution for $49 or test them out in your project for free (watermarked version).

Note: XEffects 3D Transitions runs on the FXFactory effects engine.

Click image for larger view:

3D Transitions in Final Cut Pro X