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5 Great Sites for Motion Graphics Inspiration

Aaron Williams

Need inspiration for your next motion-graphics piece or not sure how the opening titles for your short film should look? Check out these sites for some great inspiration!

I do a fair amount of motion design work in After Effects, and I keep several websites in my feed reader for when I need to rustle up some inspiration. Here are 5 of my favorites – bookmark these!

1. Art of the Title

Probably one a lot of you know, but Art of the Title is a fantastic site to get inspiration from. If you haven’t seen it, Art of the Title showcases title sequences from movies and includes interviews and analysis of the sequences. It’s a fantastic learning resource, as well as an inspiration resource!

2. Brand New

One of my favorite sites in my feed reader, Brand New is actually a design and advertising blog focusing around logo and corporate identity rebranding. Each post covers a logo/brand redesign, gives background and some commentary on the redesign, and showcases the implementation, both print and (if applicable) motion. It’s a fantastic site to see what the big ad and design agencies are doing, and to see how a brand can be successfully translated to motion design.

3. Trapcode Sharelog

Trapcode products are a fantastic (and common) tool for motion designer. Trapcode’s Sharelog shows off great experimental techniques, video tutorials, and animations created using these products. If you use Trapcode Particular or Form, definitely check this site out for new ideas.

4. Abduzeedo’s “Design Inspiration” Posts


Inspiration isn’t always gathered from video or film. Sometimes graphic design or photography can be a great source of inspiration. Abduzeedo (a great design blog) does a regular post filled to the brim with design inspiration images – and they have over 1,600 of them so far!

5. Motion Graphics Served

Motion Graphics Served

This is a newer one for me. Motion Graphics Served curates “work from leading creatives on Behance” with a specific target on motion graphics. It’s a great resource to see what projects other animators are doing, both for fun and work.

Personal Motion Graphics Portfolios

As a bonus, here are a few personal portfolio and blog sites from leading motion designers. These useful sites can provide great inspiration as well!

6. Michael Jones


Michael is a great animator, and has a fantastic portfolio of work on his site. He also has a great blog with a nice backlog of After Effects and Cinema 4D tutorials and articles.

7. Paul Conigliaro


Paul is a great motion designer with a fantastic portfolio, and also happens to be the organizer of #mochat (on Twitter). If you’re on Twitter and haven’t checked out a #mochat session you’re missing out!

8. Dan DiFelice


Dan is primarily a VFX artist (who just so happens to work at The Mill), but he’s done some pretty killer motion graphics work as well. Check out his Vimeo page for more videos.