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9 Filmmaking Channels to Follow on Vimeo

Jourdan Aldredge

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, practical tips or the latest film essay super-cuts, here are nine filmmaking channels on Vimeo that you NEED to be following!

Vimeo has done a great job of creating a platform that’s built with serious filmmakers in mind. Unlike Youtube, its community is supportive of those looking to get their work out there and enjoyed. It’s also a great place to check out the newest and coolest from your feed. So, if you’d like to sprinkle a little awesomeness in with the Vimeo Staff Picks, check out these nine channels below.

 1. Documentary Film

Documentary Film Vimeo

One of Vimeo’s most followed channels, Documentary Film is your one-stop shop for every documentary you’d ever like to see online. Pulling from the fertile Vimeo-grounds, this channel is the cream of the crop in terms of documentaries short and long.

2. Film School

Film School Vimeo A channel curated by cinemacuteo that shares video tutorials on everything from special effects, steadicam, lights and cranes. Film School fills in the gaps you may have missed in class.

3. FAT Lab

FAT Lab Vimeo The “Free Art and Technology” (F.A.T.) Lab is an organization “dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media.” Which basically means it’s a hipster hodge-podge of public domain mash-ups that are endlessly entertaining.

4. Jacob T. Swinney

The talented Jacob T. Swinney’s video essays are of the highest caliber. You’ve probably seen his First and Final Frames or Tarantino’s Extreme Close Ups bouncing around as he is often featured on Slate, Fandor and Indiewire (to name a few).

5.  MPC

As far as creative studios go, MPC is at the forefront of VFX and offers some really cool content. Their VFX breakdowns from their projects (everything from broadcast spots to The Martian) are always worth a look.

6. Burger Fiction

An under-the-radar selection, Burger Fiction is new on the scene but their videos are top notch.  Check it out for super-cuts on movie phone calls and the evolution of Iron Man.

7. Everything Animated

Everything Animated Vimeo Everything Animated is a channel dedicated to everything animated (duh).  Created by Aziz Kocanaogullari, the channel pulls from all over the world to explore some of the most colorful, entertaining and inspirational animated films online.

8. Philip Bloom

Any filmmaking post would be incomplete without the perennial voice on all things film: Phillip Bloom. Bloom’s Vimeo page features his latest and greatest camera reviews, mini-docs and previews into his film adventures.

9. Independent Filmmakers

Independent Lens Vimeo


Independent Filmmakers is a showcase channel for Vimeo’s up-and-coming. The channel highlights everything from mini-docs, short films to animated features and is a great resource for inspiration or plain enjoyment. Hopefully this list will get your feed up to speed. If Vimeo isn’t your thing, be sure to check out our list of YouTube channels as well.

 Have any other channels you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!