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9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles (April 2015)

Caleb Ward

Between NAB and news announcements, April was a great month for video editors. Here are 9 must-read video editing articles every video editor should read.

April has been the busiest month all year for video editors. So, we thought it’d be helpful to share our 9 favorite video editing articles from April 2015. If you can think of any other must read articles, please share in the comments below.

1. Life After ‘Life After Pi’: The VFX Industry One Year Later

Video Editing Articles: Life After Pi

It’s been one year since the documentary ‘Life After Pi’ shed some light on the unsustainable state of the VFX industry. In this insightful post, Jonathan Paul gives us an in-depth analysis of the state of the VFX industry in 2015. The posts also outlines a few of the VFX companies that have shut their doors since the documentary was released.

2. What if you forget to deactivate your Avid or Adobe cloud license? 

Video Editing Articles: Avid Licensing Manager

Both Avid and Adobe are distributed via digital download rather than physical copy. However, you can’t simply download and install the software on more than 2 machines at once. So, what are you supposed to do if you show up to edit on a new machine and you forgot to deactivate the software on your other computer? This insightful post from Pro Video Coalition tells us what to do.

3. Essential Listening: 5 Inspiring Podcasts for Creatives 

Video Editing Articles: Podcasts for Creatives

Podcasts are a great way to feed your mind while editing without sound or doing motion graphics. Thankfully, there are a lot of good podcasts out there besides This American Life. Check out this list of 5 inspiring podcasts, exclusively curated for filmmakers and motion graphic designers.

4. Video Editors Rejoice: Adobe Unveils Creative Cloud Next

Video Editing Articles: Adobe Updates

Adobe recently unveiled their 2015 update to their Creative Cloud video software. In this PremiumBeat post, we break down all of the new updates that video editors should get excited about. Notably, as a part of the update, the all-new Lumetri color panel will be included in Premiere Pro. After Effects users are also getting a new face tracker feature.

5. Apple Updates FCPX with New Motion Graphics Features, Faster Performance

Video Editing Articles: FCPX Update

Apple also recently got a overhaul, and this post from No Film School outlines everything you need to know. The new FCPX template will include added 3D features to give editors the ability to create 3D text and objects directly in FCPX. Improved features in Motion will bring better shadows and lights.

6. DaVinci Resolve 12 Has Powerful New Editing Features, Fusion 8 Coming for Mac & Linux

Video Editing Articles: DaVinci Resolve 12

Not to be outdone, Blackmagic has unveiled a brand new version of DaVinci Resolve: Resolve 12. The program now includes multi-camera editing, improved color correction features, and an updated interface. The post also dives into new details surrounding the release of Fusion 8, which is coming to Mac and Linux users.

7. Avid Announces a Free Version of Media Composer

Video Editing Articles: Avid Media Composer First

If you’ve always wanted to learn Avid, but have been afraid of the price tag, Avid has announced a free version of Media Composer. The inappropriately named Avid Media Composer First will have limited features, but for those interested in dipping their toes into Media Composer, this might be a good place to begin. Avid is claiming that their free version is very comparable to Premiere Pro and FCPX.

8. After Effects Wishlist: 11 New Features AE Needs

Video Editing Articles: After Effects Wish List

After Effects is an awesome program, but it’s far from perfect. In this post from the After Effects template providers at RocketStock, we take a look at 11 ways in which AE is lacking. A few of them might surprise you.

9. Will Apple’s FCPX Z-Depth Patent Revolutionize the Industry?

Video Editing Articles: FCPX Z-Depth Updates

Light field technology gives cameras the ability to record the distance with each pixel. Having the ability to manipulate this information in post is incredibly helpful – and some are arguing that it will change the entire industry as we know it. Apple just recently filed a patent for FCPX that will allow it to edit light field information and the implications are astounding.

April is also that awesome month when a little event called NAB takes place in Vegas. If you haven’t seen all of the NAB news, here are 11 new gear announcements you should know about:

  1. SmallHD Unveils a Pocket-Sized Monitor/Viewfinder Hybrid
  2. Canon C300 Mark II: 15 Stops of Dynamic Range and More
  3. Phantom 3: DJI’s Latest Drone Takes Flight
  4. DJI Releases the Ronin-M: lightweight and lower-priced
  5. NAB 2015 Announcement: The Blackmagic URSA Mini
  6. The Super16 RAW Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is Here!
  7. Blackmagic Announces DaVinci Resolve 12
  8. The Freefly ALTA Drone: A New Way to Fly
  9. NAB 2015 Announcements: News You Might Have Missed
  10. Panasonic Unveils the DVX200: A Pro All-In-One Camcorder
  11. The 3DR Solo Smart Drone: So Easy a Monkey Can Use It

Know of any other must read articles for video editors? Share in the comments below.