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Adobe Audition Video Tutorial: Removing Hum

Caleb Ward

Learn how to get rid of hum in this Adobe Audition video tutorial.

One of the most annoying (and distracting!) things that can happen when recording sound on-set is picking up hum in the audio mix. Hum can come from a variety of sources including air conditioners,  refrigerators, or other electrical devices. The best thing to do is simply turn off the air conditioner or un-plug the fridge, but sometimes this isn’t an option. Sometimes you simply have to use the the audio you’re given. So what are you supposed to do when you are in the editing bay with hum-heavy audio?

The following video tutorial showcases a workflow for removing hum in Adobe Audition. The tutorial covers:

  • Using the Dehummer
  • Choosing harmonic numbers
  • 60hz vs 50hz
  • Cleaning up voice tracks
  • Working with notch filters

This video was first shared by Larry Jordan. Thanks for sharing Larry!

Have any other tips for getting rid of hum in Audition? Share in the comments below.