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Animated Map: After Effects Video Tutorial

Evan Abrams

Show directions visually with this dynamic 2D map animation in After Effects. This effect is great for any local business videos or to advertise events.

Adobe After Effects

Sure you could put up a simple static map in your video, but instead take it to the next level with an animated map graphic. In the following After Effects tutorial I show you how to create a map with an animating route and starting/ending labels, ideal for showing how to get from one place to another. This After Effects animation requires no third party plugins or complicated expressions.

Best viewed full screen:

Create this map animation in After Effects using these basic techniques:

  • Create an AE camera and add simple lighting
  • Using the Pen tool draw a route on the map
  • Use shape layers to create labels for the starting and ending position on the map
  • Using a trim path animate the line drawing on along the route
  • Finish it off by tweaking the lighting to add dynamic shadows to your placeholders

How would you use this After Effects map animation? Got any modifications or suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!