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Archive & Manage After Effects Projects to Cover Your A**!

Danny Greer

Don’t lose your head over mismanaged projects and media! Check out Carl Larsen’s video tutorial on backing up and archiving your After Effects project.

Having a successful back-up plan is imperative for keeping your work secure and accessible. Creative Cow contributor and After Effects expert Carl Larsen gives the run-down on how to quickly and efficiently archive After Effects projects.

File Management in After Effects: Highlights

Do you ever have several animators/editors who are working on different After Effects projects but using shared assets?  Carl explains the best way to combine and archive multiple After Effects projects into one master project.

Other highlights of the video tutorial include:

  • Organizing assets in an After Effects project.
  • Consolidating all redundant assets using AE’s “consolidate footage function.”
  • Moving all project files into one central location on your computer or drive.
  • Understanding available options for creating an archived After Effects project.

Although media management and archiving After Effects projects isn’t the most fun or glamorous part of the job, being diligent about it will likely save you some stress down the road.

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Got any After Effects tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!