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Avid Editing Quick Tip: How to Quickly Select Tracks in Avid Media Composer

Ashley Kennedy

How to Quickly Select Tracks in Avid Media Composer

Editing in Avid Media Composer is largely centered around precise track selection. Unfortunately, many editors spend too much time clicking and unclicking the Source and Record track selectors to perform each edit. Instead, I encourage you to use the track selection shortcuts below to increase your editing efficiency.


Below are some common track selection shortcuts in Avid Media Composer:

First, make sure the Timeline window is selected, and then perform the following actions:

  • Select All Tracks: Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac)
  • Deselect All Tracks: Shift + Ctrl + A (Windows) or Shift + Command + A (Mac)
  • Turn on/off tracks: Shift + drag across multiple tracks. Whichever action is performed on the first track — turning on or off — will be applied to all of the other tracks during the dragging action. You can drag through any number of tracks to perform this action.
    shift drag
  • Select Reverse of Currently Selected Tracks: Click and drag mouse (lasso) through track selector panel (drag all the way from above track selectors to below track selectors).
    tracks lasso
Tip: Ctrl + drag a lasso from anywhere within the track selector panel to perform a reverse selection (as above). Performing this step doesn’t force you to drag the lasso above or below track selectors.